Monday, July 13, 2015

"The catastrophic conclusion that has been implicit from the beginning"

That's a phrase Scott Johnson at Powerline uses to describe the probably inevitable disaster that is an Iran nuke deal.

Neo-neocon, though, sees, as I did even before I got to the paragraph of her post where she expands in it, that it applies to much - way too much - that has come thudding down on post-America of late:

I want to pause for a moment to admire the succinctness of that phrase, “the catastrophic conclusion that has been implicit from the beginning.” That says a lot, not just about the nuclear talks with Iran but about so many things that have happened during the Obama administration—from the first faroff rumblings of trouble, to the slow steady approach, to the fights between those who would support and those who would oppose—with the latter every now and then thinking that maybe, just maybe, the attempt to prevent whatever dreadful thing the left was pushing this time would somehow prevail. 
Sometimes the efforts did prevent it (remember card check?), but far more often they did not. And even when the opposition did manage to block a plan of Obama and his supporters, he often would accomplish his goals anyway through some other method, usually involving executive action or secret sabotage (IRS investigations of Tea Party groups, for example).
So here we sit, waiting. When will the announcement come? And what will the details involve? No reports—even from those who support Obama—mention the sort of things one would want to see in any deal, so there is no reason whatsoever to imagine they will be there.

Isn't that the way we felt when the three horrible SCOTUS decisions (King v. Burwell, Texas Housing v. Inclusive Communities, Ogbergefell v. Hodges) came down? The new HUD regs covering block grants and neighborhood "diversity"?  The new EPA regs for coal-fired power plants?

Such is the dark state of a nation in which the last few voices of courage are drowned out by those of totalitarians, cowards and the occasional egomaniacal buffoon.


  1. Both houses of Congress are expected to reject the deal with Iran. Obama will veto and then we'll see. A grand time for debate over international issues and war and peace.

  2. And it's gong to be a real debate. If the MEC tries to put this into effect by circumventing Constitutional channels, he's in for the fight of his life.