Friday, July 24, 2015

No prez love for the Most Equal Comrade

Well, outside of his ate-up base.

I know the MEC has had a string of wins for his agenda this year, and I know about the Paul Krugman piece in the latest Rolling Stone saying the MEC may be the most successful president in the history of the universe, but the fact is that it wouldn't take much for his mediocre standing with the post-American people to crater and send him to the bottom of the heap:

Barack Obama is not popular. This plain and simple fact may surprise those who read only legacy journalists, who often elide this inconvenient truth. A recent Associated Press write-up is illustrative:
Even as the public remains closely divided about his presidency, Barack Obama is holding on to his support from the so-called “Obama coalition” of minorities, liberals and young Americans, an Associated Press-GfK poll shows, creating an incentive for the next Democratic presidential nominee to stick with him and his policies.
Obama’s job approval in this poll was a paltry 43 percent, with 55 percent disapproval. This is hardly a public “closely divided,” but it is typical of the media’s approach. They prefer to gloss over his bad numbers, point out the weakness of the GOP, or emphasize how popular he is among Democrats. 
But ignoring a fact does not make it any less true. Obama is unpopular, and he has been unpopular for a while. The most straightforward definition of a popular president is one who garners at least 50 percent approval in public opinion polls. The last time Obama hit that mark in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls was April 2013. Excepting brief boosts corresponding to his reelection and the killing of Osama bin Laden, he has consistently been under 50 percent in the RCP average since December 2009. This makes him one of the least popular presidents in postwar history. 
Pair this with the results of that ABC / Washington Post poll we discussed the other day, in which 63 percent of post-Americans were not happy about the SCOTUS decisions on Freedom-Hater-care and homosexual "marriage," and one begins to see that we have not all decided to become cattle.

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