Saturday, July 18, 2015

Post-America's apocalyptic shame

David Sanger and Michael R. Gordon have a very candid article at the NYT today, recounting the entire backstory of P5+1's patty cake with Iran. The shouting, the completely different agendas of the two sides, the crumbling of the West's original insistence on a complete stoppage of centrifuge spinning, the political calculations.

It's somewhat lengthy and every paragraph is fascinating - in a grim sort of way - but here's the money line:

For the president, everything else — Iran’s support for terrorism, its imprisonment of dissidents and even some Americans, its meddling in Iraq and Syria, its arms trade — was secondary.

Anybody who tries to argue with you about the indisputable fact that the Most Equal Comrade holds the country he presides over in utter contempt is perpetuating evil.

H/T: Breitbart


  1. "Anybody who tries to argue with you about the indisputable fact that the Most Equal Comrade holds the country he presides over in utter contempt is perpetuating evil."

    Anybody who tries to argue with you about the indisputable fact that the Most Equal Comrade holds the country he presides over in utter contempt is perpetuating evil?

    Come on really, did you realy mean that and upon what higher moral authority?

    You must meet a lot of evil people when you talk dirty like that. Put that sentence on facebook and find out, but they may be afraid, very afraid you'll damn them.

  2. I sure did. It's obviously fine with him if post-America is conquered or incinerated. Fooling around with making sure State Dept. and Defense Dept. and CIA personnel who are transgendered feel "comfortable." Then there are his domestic policies: the ACA, nixing the Keystone XL pipeline, EPA regs on the coal industry, using unconstitutional executive overreach to undermine national sovereignty, using the DoJ to stoke racial tension. For starters.

    And, of curse, legitimization of one the world's five most evil regime as a full-fledged regional power.

    People who argue that he doesn't hold this country in contempt know these things. In fact, they think they're great policies. The United States was a precious moment in human history. To hate that moment is by definition evil

  3. Then there's this: directing his comandantes in various agencies and departments to compile exhaustive data on the cattle-masses for the purpose of implementing "social justice" policies.

    This wasn't done in the United States of America.

    And before you trot out some arcane program from some past administration, ask yourself if it's really of this scope and magnitude.

  4. The NYU team is trying to show that our brains are hardwired for partisanship and how that skews our perceptions in public life. Research at NYU and elsewhere is underscoring just how blind the "us-versus-them" mind-set can make people when they try to process new political information. Once this partisanship mentality kicks in, the brain almost automatically pre-filters facts—even noncontroversial ones—that offend our political sensibilities.

    "Once you trip this wire, this trigger, this cue, that you are a part of 'us-versus-them,' it's almost like the whole brain becomes re-coordinated in how it views people," says Jay Van Bavel, the leader of NYU's Social Perception and Evaluation Lab.


  5. Yeah, precious moments in history, like separate shitters for black and white, including separate water fountains. n the first half of the 20th century, Jews were discriminated against in some employment, not allowed into some social clubs and resort areas, given a quota on enrollment at colleges, and not allowed to buy certain properties. Antisemitism reached its peak during the interwar period. Did you know US Grant issued an order (quickly rescinded by President Abraham Lincoln) of expulsion against Jews from the portions of Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi under his control. (See General Order No. 11.)? Let's not go there with the Indians and, well, gays.

  6. But, it's still money (hence power) that we want. I have always run as fast as I could from the moneyed, the powerful, the winners wild and free. They're too special for me. And not at all the way the Christ would have us be.

  7. So you've signed on to the Howard Zinn / Noam Chomsky take on American history?

  8. Trail of Tears: Andrew Jackson, a Democrat. Rescinding of Grant's order: Lincoln, a Republican.

    Name me a society in human history that hasn't had to deal with mistrust and even bigotry between ethnic groups. Let us remember all the conquest and enslavement that went on in North America between the various aboriginal groupings prior to the arrival of the Europeans.

    And we have never- never, until now, had a president utterly surrender to a mortal enemy. Nor impose the domestic tyranny I enumerate above.