Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hillionaire, are you sure you want to list your State stint as a credential?

Ater all, it's now clear that Sid was ubiquitous during that time:

In her early months in office, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in contact with unofficial adviser Sidney Blumenthal more often and on a wider range of topics than was previously known, a set of about 3,000 Clinton emails released Tuesday night by the State Department revealed.
While Blumenthal’s role as a provider of off-the-books intelligence reports on Libya has stirred controversy, the newly disclosed emails show he also acted as an intermediary with officials involved in the Northern Ireland peace process and shared advice with Clinton on issues from Iran to British politics to how to blame China for the breakdown of global climate talks.

And this business about his advice being unsolicited doesn't pass the smell test:

“Are you still awake?” she wrote in an email to Blumenthal sent on Oct. 8, 2009, at 10:35 P.M. that does not provide details on the issue prompting the message. “I will call if you are.”

And it took a while for her to get the hang of being in the loop:

Hillary Clinton struggled to fit into the government of President Barack Obama after being appointed Secretary of State in 2009, according to emails released by the State Department on Tuesday.
They showed Clinton turning up for meetings that had been canceled and worrying about how much time she had with her new boss, revealing growing pains in the relationship between her and former election rival Obama in the early months of her time as America's top diplomat.
In an email to two aides on June 8, 2009, Clinton was unsure if the White House had held a Cabinet meeting and whether she should attend.
"I heard on the radio that there is a Cabinet mtg this am. Is there? Can I go? If not, who are we sending?" Clinton wrote.
Although, even as she lacked info on regime goings-on, the regime knew something that's now very noteworthy about her:

New Hillary Clinton e-mails released late Tuesday night by the State Department reveal that, despite denials to the contrary, top Obama-administration officials were aware, within the first nine months of President Obama’s first term, of then–secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server to conduct government business. The White House has not said when President Obama and his lieutenants first learned of Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server, noting only that they became aware in August 2014, after Republican lawmakers got hold of the information, that it could become a political problem. But e-mails from 2009 show that chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and senior adviser David Axelrod understood at the time that Clinton used a private e-mail account and server for official business. Indeed, top officials were forced to explicitly ask Clinton aides for her e-mail address.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and watch David Axelrod blatantly lie about this to the hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe.  And try to evade the whole subject with that tried and true weasel tactic "We should be focusing on what the people care about."

John Podesta and Rahm Emanuel knew, too.

This is some rotten stuff.

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