Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday roundup

Let's start with a couple of very ripe examples of MSM identity-hustling.

USA Today says that the sharp recent rise in murder rates in urban post-America is "disproportionately impacting the minorities and the poor."

Aamer Madhani at USA Today took the easy way out on Friday in covering the sharp increase in murders in many U.S. cities during the first half of this year. He quoted Milwaukee's police chief bemoaning "absurdly weak" gun laws. He noted that "the increased violence is disproportionately impacting poor and predominantly African-American and Latino neighborhoods." He found a university prof to allege that there's a lack of resources to "fund a proactive law enforcement." What rubbish. The fact is that the "broken windows" approach to law enforcement, the "proactive law enforcement" initiative pioneered in New York City under Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the 1990s which made New York one of the safest cities in America, is being systematically discredited by the left and abandoned by many police departments, with all too predictable results. I thought there might be some hope for Madhani's writeup when I came to a section entitled "Baltimore and Ferguson effect." But alas, he failed to make the obvious point that events in those cities — the months of near-chaos in Ferguson which led by largely outside agitators and the derelictions of duty by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake which allowed Baltimore's riots to occur and then worsen — have encouraged increased criminal aggression in both areas, and likely elsewhere. Readers will also note the absurd contention, in effect, that the lower but still unacceptable levels of murder and violent crime seen during the first several years of this decade have been the best that people can reasonably hope to see, and that it's unrealistic to expect them not to increase again. 

The New York Times looks into why post-America's national parks are "so white" and finds a lot of whining and imagined bigotry.  Well, that's what author Glenn Nelson actually found, not that he recognized it as such.

Jeff Cheatham grew up in southeast Seattle, and still lives in Mount Rainier’s shadow. Yet, he said of Mount Rainier and other national parks, “I’ve never been, and never thought about going.” A 29-year-old African-American writer, Mr. Cheatham said he didn’t even know what a national park was, or what he would be likely to find at one. “As far as I know, it’s a big field of grass,” he said.
A neighbor, Carla DeRise, has been to Mount Rainier and other parks, and is game to go again. She just can’t get any of her friends to come along. They are worried about unfriendly white people, hungry critters and insects, and unforgiving landscapes, said Ms. DeRise, 51, an African-American. So she mainly hikes alone, albeit with some anxiety. “I don’t have a weapon,” she quipped. “Yet.”
I also live in one of the Rainier neighborhoods, close to where I grew up, the son of a Japanese mother. I met my oldest friend in the Boy Scouts, an African-American from a family that, like mine, frequented the parks. In college, he and I led outings for minority student groups.
There was always nervous banter as we cruised through small rural towns on our way to a park. And there were jokes about finding a “Whites Only” sign at the entrance to our destination or the perils of being lynched or attacked while collecting firewood after the sun went down. Our cultural history taught us what to expect.
Hillionaire struts her economic gobbled-gook, pandering to a movement that is on the fast track to irrelevance - but still has a lot of campaign-contribution cash to dispense.

Monday at the New School in New York City, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said as president, she will stop the “mean-spirited” Republican “misguided attacks” on unions, which she argued have helped to increase income inequality.
Hillary said, “It is time to stand up to efforts across our country to undermine worker bargaining power. This has been proven again and again to drive up wages. Republican governors like Scott Walker have made their names stomping on workers rights and practically all Republican candidates would do the same as president. I will fight back against these mean-spirited misguided attacks. Evidence shows that the decline of unions may be responsible for a third of the increase of inequality men. among men. So if we want to get serious about raising income we have to get serious about supporting union workers.”
Can you imagine what kind of financial shape Wisconsin would be in if Walker had lost to the teachers'-union jackboots?

Is Benjamin Netanyahu the only world leader left who gets it regarding patty-cake with Iran?


  1. Nettie would have had us at war an administration ago if he had had his way. Oh, guess he did get part of his wish. Just a Trillion dollar drop in the bucket for us though, and maybe a dollop of physical and psychological pain for our military personnel.

  2. Anyone who does not see this about-to-be-reached agreement with Iran as the worst agreement in human history is not a serious person.

  3. Not sure there ever has been an agreement to stop some country from getting the bomb that ever caught on, has there been?

  4. Don't think so. That's why you don't use agreements. You squeeze regimes like Iran and North Korea, completely cut them off from the world's banking system, its marketplace for natural resources, and all international bodies. You keep lots of naval fleets nearby. And you work to foment dissent and undermine them from within. Way before there's any intelligence saying they have centrifuges.