Thursday, July 9, 2015

Apparently Freedom-Haters have a lot of power in Australia, too

A cultural jackboot strives to  get a Catholic bishop in trouble for reaffirming his church's doctrine:

In a recent pastoral letter on marriage, Australia’s Catholic bishops reaffirmed Catholic teaching. And one of the bishops has countered a leading same-sex marriage activist who said the pastoral letter should be reported to the Tasmanian government for illegal bias.
“The Catholic Church in Tasmania is exercising its right to freedom of opinion, just as opponents to the Church’s views on marriage are also exercising their rights,” Archbishop Julian Porteous of Hobart said, according to the Catholic Leader newspaper.
His comments concern “Don’t Mess with Marriage,” a pastoral letter in booklet form the Australian bishops’ conference released May 28. He said the booklet “explains the meaning of marriage enshrined in our laws from a religious perspective.”
Australian political leaders are considering whether to define marriage in law to recognize same-sex unions as civil marriages.
“A document defending the current law in our nation could hardly be called discrimination,” Archbishop Porteous said.
“We are being asked to abandon the plan of God for marriage and family (and) this would be a disastrous step to take.”
The pastoral letter was sent home with students of Catholic high schools in several archdioceses, including Hobart. It stressed both respect for all and respect for the unique nature of marriage as a union of man and a woman.
Randy Croome, national director of the same-sex marriage advocacy group Australian Marriage Equality, claimed the booklet is illegal under the law of the Australian state of Tasmania. His group cited laws that bar offensive conduct, inciting hatred, and publishing notices that promote or express discrimination.

The light of liberty seems to be flickering its last all over Western civilization.

UPDATE: Post-America's jackboots never take a moment's rest, either:

The Left is already calling for the impeachment of Toledo Municipal Judge Allen McConnell who respectfully declined to marry a same-sex couple Monday.
“I declined to marry a non-traditional couple during my duties assignment,” he said per Reuters. “The declination was based upon my personal and Christian beliefs established over many years. I apologize to the couple for the delay they experienced and wish them the best.”
Another Ohio judge, William Connelly, Jr., stepped in and performed the gay-wedding for the two women.
Reuters also reports that McConnell is looking for direction on this issue from the Ohio Supreme Court.
Regardless of the fact that the lesbian couple were still awarded the ceremony, mainstream leftists like Glenn Greenwald believe McConnell should be impeached because he won’t violate his religious conscience.
For what it's worth, Judge McConnell heads the Toledo NAACP.

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