Monday, July 13, 2015

Hands off my great little gig

Something else Hillionaire discussed in her New School speech was the private contractor - service provider relationship.  She's not at all pleased that the leviathan state has not yet found a way to get its tentacles into that arrangement.

"I'll crack down on bosses who exploit employees by misclassifying them as contractors or even steal their wages," Clinton said in her economic speech at the New School in Manhattan on Monday. 
Her remarks come as billion-dollar startups like Uber and Lyft are under mounting scrutiny from legislators, court judges and the media for classifying drivers as independent contractors rather than part-time or full-time employees entitled to healthcare benefits, sick time and paid time off.
Clinton did not cite any businesses by name in her comments, but earlier in her speech she expressed concern about the "gig economy" which comes without healthcare or benefits. 
"This on demand or so called gig economy is creating exciting opportunities and unleashing innovation, but it is also raising hard questions about workplace protections and what a good job will look like in the future," Clinton said in her speech at the New School in Manhattan on Monday. 
Businesses like Uber argue that many of their employees actually prefer to be contractors, rather than employees, for the freedom it provides. Some contractors work for multiple startups, or choose to work only a few hours or days per week. Left unspoken, however, is the fact that classifying most or all contractors as employees would cut into these companies' profit margins, perhaps forcing them to raise prices or otherwise change their approach.

Listen up, bitch: Uber driving is one of my income streams.  I have my app on as I type this.  I signed up precisely because I can have autonomy and set my own hours, which renders the crud about "sick time and paid time off" moot.  It involves exactly zero paperwork.  I meet interesting people. And I want the company to make as much profit as possible.  And I'm not interested in getting any damn healthcare benefits from the relationship.

Democrats hate human initiative and ingenuity.  Their goal is to turn us all into docile cattle completely dependent on the state.

Just like when you jackboots start coming after my food choices, this puts the war for America's soul on a personal footing.  How I work and what I eat are my business, period.


  1. What I hate about the Dems, they stay pro-union despite how few of your post-Americans are represented by them.

  2. But Bush is an idiot for telling your post-Americans they should work longer hours. That is not even really possible with robots coming for so many jobs, including yours, taxi driver/free lance writer man.

  3. One of the 193,000 reasons Jeb is not the choice of conservatives.