Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The odor gets stronger

A tweet from The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes that, while it may not be the first and last word, does speak volumes about the reality of the stench that a big shot like the Very Stable Genius ought to have been savvy enough to detect long ago and avoid:

Trump campaign chairman and longtime personal lawyer both guilty of multiple crimes. These are not the best people.
Responses were, as you'd expect, heavy on the whataboutism. How come Hillary's not in jail and so forth. Also the I-don't-care-about-the-character angle. My investment portfolio is doing better than it has in years and so forth.

The VSG is about to take the stage at a Charleston, West Virginia rally. Should be interesting to see whether he addresses this in even a tangential way. Although I don't know if I'll be able to bring you reflections based on viewing. I cannot stand those f------ things.


  1. But is it a presidential high crime or misdemeanor? Probably very arguable.

  2. Right. So far all this is demonstrating is that DJT is perfectly okay with associating himself with sleaze bags.

  3. The home equity line is long gone. Cohen said he paid the hos off at the direction of the candidate. Impeachment will just embolden Trump and his loyalists forever more. To lose him would be like excruciatingly withdrawing from a dear addictive substance and the acting-out would be very damaging to our unity Trump promised in his inauguration speech (through patriotism, of course).

  4. That's some pretty sound analysis, actually, Mr. Dings. You got your pundit on there.
    My patience with Trump tribalists is just about all gone.