Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fauxcahontas gets a response to her dog vomit about the nation's justice system

From a law enforcement agency close to home:

Yarmouth Police Chief Frank Frederickson said statements made by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren calling the American criminal justice system racist are “disrespectful and divisive.”
Warren made the remarks while speaking at Dillard University in New Orleans last week.
“The hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist … I mean front to back,” Warren said.
On Friday, Yarmouth Police shared Frederickson’s response to the comments. Frederickson said the comments are “more bothersome” because Warren recently made efforts to pay respects to Yarmouth Sgt. Sean Gannon and Weymouth Sgt. Michael Chesna after they were killed in the line of duty. 
Frederickson called the comments an “insult” to police officers in the state and said there are other members of the criminal justice system that Warren “slapped in the face.”

Sen. Warren’s recent statement tarnished us all and dimished (sic) the sincerty (sic) of her condolence efforts. I now cannot trust her actions or words are real. I have a lot of repect (sic) for those who serve in elected positions even though we may disagree at times, however statements like this are disrespectful and divisive. In spite of what Sen. Warren said, the Yarmouth Police Department will continue to serve ALL people with dignity and fairness.

Dudley Police Chief Steven Wojnar, the president of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, wrote a letter to Warren following her remarks.
Wojnar invited Warren to discuss the issue with him. He said he is “extremely troubled” by the senator’s assertion that the criminal justice system is racist.

According to a statement on Saturday, Warren and Frederickson spoke by phone about the issue.
“I appreciate Chief Frederickson’s thoughtful comments,” Warren said. “The men and women in law enforcement work in incredibly dangerous situations. We honor those in uniform who put their lives on the line every day and those who have been killed in the line of duty to keep the rest of us safe. I spoke about an entire system – not individuals – and will continue to work on reforms to make the criminal justice system fairer.” 
Just like a hard leftist to view the matter in macro terms and speak of an "entire system." It casts this business of her conversation with Frederickson in a light of condescension, along the lines of "I didn't mean you or your department personally. I know you poor dears are operating under a system of bigotry like everyone else. That's why you should vote for me, whatever I run for. Completely changing the system is among my highest priorities."

Freedom-, dignity- and common-sense-haters never see individual human beings or particular circumstances. They always see "systems."

Good on the chief for not swallowing that hooey.