Friday, August 24, 2018

Some allies

I ask you, which has more of an understanding of what the West is, and in defending it against threats. at this point, Israel or Europe?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not happy with millions of dollars of foreign aid the European Union is handing over to Iran, slamming the aid package as a “big mistake.”
On Thursday, the EU Commission announced it would give Iran €18 million ($20.8 million), the first payment in what will be a €50 million ($57.9 million) payment meant to offset sanctions imposed by the United States and save the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by former President Obama and his European counterparts.
Netanyahu believes Iran will use the aid for weapons development and the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps.
“I think that the decision yesterday by the EU to give 18 million euros to Iran is a big mistake,” Netanyahu said at a press conference in Lithuania, i24 News reported.
“It’s like a poison pill to the Iranian people and the efforts to curb Iranian aggression in the region and terror beyond the region.”
“Where will the extra money go?” Netanyahu asked. “It’s not going to solve the water problem in Iran, it’s not going to go for Iranian truck drivers, it’s going to go to the missiles and Revolutionary Guard in Iran and Syria and everywhere else in the Middle East.”
Announcing the earmarks for Iran, EU high representative for foreign affairs Federica Mogherini said the aid “will widen economic and sectoral relations in areas that are of direct benefit to our citizens.”
But what are we to expect from a continent that doesn't care that it's going Islamic sooner rather than later? 

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  1. It is, of course, to those with eyesight and the inclination to use it, not Europe but rather the good ol' US of A that has proven of late to be unreliable actor unworthy of trust to keep our word and gripped by the lunacy of Trump, Bolton, and Quick, et al. that endorses releasing the Iranian regime from their commitment (verified by the most rigorous inspection regime...ever) to halt nuclear weapons development.

    We don't need to be Nut'n Yahoo's proxy military in endless conflict with the Arab world -- and at our own expense, no less. Let the corrupt bastard hire Blackwater.