Monday, August 13, 2018

Stzrok finally gets the axe

Here's how Tom Vitton characterizes it:

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, who has been doggedly pursuing accountability for the FBI, believe Strzok's firing paints a broader picture of the ongoing Mueller probe. 
"The firing of Peter Strzok is another body blow to the credibility of the Mueller special counsel operation. Strzok, who hated President Trump, compromised both the Clinton and Trump investigations that saw Hillary Clinton protected and Donald Trump illicitly targeted," Fitton released in a statement. "Strzok’s anti-Trump texts show the Russia investigation he helped invent with Clinton campaign operatives is irredeemably compromised. As Mueller’s operation is founded on Strzok’s corrupt activities, it must be shut down."
Strong words, but is there seriously any other way to characterize Stzrok or the Russia investigation?


  1. " there seriously any other way to characterize Stzrok or the Russia investigation?" Absolutely. All you have to do is check in -- even briefly -- with reality.

    The willingness to ignore an ever-growing mountain of indisputable evidence regarding the Trump campaign's willingness to collude with a foreign adversary (in spite of their inept inability to seal the deal) puts the lie to the faux protests against Trump's behaviors.

    And that is just the indisputable evidence cataloged in the unusually detailed indictments so far (which I suspect remain unread), and does not even require reasonable speculation regarding the as-yet undisclosed crimes being escaped by the raft of cooperating witnesses.

    Why, one wonders, would anyone be so ready to mortgage their credibility? Perhaps a clue lies in the full-throated enthusiasm for the most corrupt administration since Grant, led by the most inept President since...well, ever.

  2. But these indictments don’t have anything to do with DJT campaign collusion with Russia.
    Look, quite obviously Trump surrounds and has always surrounded himself with sleazeballs, wackos and connivers, but nothing Mueller is investigating adds up yet to any illegal activity between the campaign and Russia.
    On the other hand, Stzrok is clearly driven by an intense desire to see Trump not be president- however that needs to be accomplished. FBI agents aren’t supposed to have political agendas.
    Let’s put it this way: Why do you think he was fired?

    1. No one knows for sure. Neither the IG or the circus on the Hill has revealed any evidence that any investigative decision was influenced by bias. In fact, the IG himself noted that both Stzrok and Page were both more aggressive than their peers in pushing the Clinton email investigation. The FBI needs to explain the action to reassure the public that a career law enforcement official with a distinguished record was not fired solely or even primarily for having an opinion the administration dislikes…again. As taxpayers, I suspect that at some point in the future, after civil litigation, we will again be stuck with the bill for another Trump tantrum.

      Regarding the Russian investigation, either there is a problem of semantics (best case) or this is a LITD Bait-and-Switch. The assertion made here, for the gazillionth time, is that the INVESTIGATION is illegitimate, a “nothingburger”, and should be abandoned immediately well short of conclusion. Then I, for the gazillionth time, enumerate the very, very, very large amount of evidence – including an outright email confession of willingness to conspire from the First First Son -- so often that lately I have only to cite it by reference. Then, for the gazillion-and-oneth time (sounds funnier than it looks in print), the weak and embarrassing and incredulous defense of “no evidence of collusion” in various arrangements gets trotted out. It’s exhausting.

      Let’s be clear, there is one very high standard for conviction, a somewhat lower standard for indictment, a slightly lower standard yet for obtaining warrants necessary to collect evidence, and at the bottom of that totem pole is the requirements that need to be met to open an INVESTIGATION. To say that there is no evidence, let alone enough evidence to conduct an investigation is not really a matter of opinion any longer. It’s just wrong. Suggesting Stzrok’s mean texts are the only reason five (5) individuals have PLEADED GUILTY puts LITD in Alex Jones territory.

      There are only so many times I will show that the sun rises in the East to someone asserting otherwise before the deciding the effort is fruitless and my participation halts. I don’t even need agreement on Eastern sunrises…but the assertions otherwise really should end.

  3. I wish Trump were’t president. You wish Trump weren’t president. But if either of us had federal law-enforcement jobs, we’d be morally and legally obligated to keep that sentiment out of our work.