Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pope Francis and his shills are doing serious damage to the Catholic Church

Skewed priorities much?

What you want from the moral leader of a billion Catholics when asked if he knew of abuse by a top cardinal is a “neither confirm nor deny” statement.
And what you want from one of his highest-ranking American prelates when asked if the Pope should be a bit more forthcoming is a pitiful attempt to change the subject. The Woke Pope is woke about every subject except one, it seems:

"The Pope has a bigger agenda. He's got to get on with other things, of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the church. We're not going to go down a rabbit hole on this." - Cardinal Cupich YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME  

The quote is accurate — see for yourself — but incomplete. Cupich went on to add when asked why he thought the Pope was taking such intense fire that his critics don’t like him … “because he’s a Latino.” If only he were a white European plausibly accused of turning a blind eye to molestation, this wouldn’t be happening.

Wait, the Pope is a white European by ancestry, born of two Italian immigrants in Argentina. Even the demagogic identity-politics defenses of him by his deputies are based on lies.
Something's terribly wrong when not only is a high-ranking clergyman attempting to deflect examination of the Pope's role, but doing so with environmental hooey and identity politics.

The big question, of course, concerns what God is up to here. How does spiritual warfare on an institutional level serve His end?

What is his plan for the continuing safeguarding of the indestructible truth?


  1. What would do if you were Catholic? Go running to worship elsewhere?

  2. You need to realize how crushed the Catholics are over all this, most of which occurred decades ago. Crushed! Can't hide in the Boy Scouts (who you have of course lambasted over admission of gays) either. The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States, with 2.7 million youth members and over 1 million adult volunteers. There were nearly 2,000 reported cases of abuse within the Boy Scouts of America prior to 1994. An attorney prosecuting a sexual abuse case stated in court that the Scouts recorded between 9,000 and 10,000 sexual abuse files between 1920 and 2007. This is not deflecting. This is just evidence that other long cherished institutions have the same problem. I think your answer to the scouts was to leave them, which might be a bit easier than leaving your lifeline to God. So be a dick about it. It's expected. You're not known to be one of the more merciful bipeds on the planet.

  3. And it's true, dunno about the identity politics (this is not your sad post-America here, bloggie, though we have a few cardinals who can be judgmental wretches) the conservative faction of the Catholic Church hates Pope Francis. Hmm, the preponderance of child sexual abuse cases largely date to their purview.

  4. And you need to dig deeper into the source of the current's Pope's accusations you are so outraged about and remember first and foremost that these are accusations from an enemy of Francis with considerable conservative axes to grind. And not a whit has been proven. Of course you'll probably side with the accuser because he is of your conservative ilk. Like I say, it's well known that the conservatives in the church hate this mercy pope. And the huge preponderance of sexual abuse occurred under their watch.

  5. "The letter, published on Sunday, has challenged Pope Francis’ papacy and shaken the Roman Catholic Church to its core. The pope has said he won’t dignify it with a response, yet the allegations have touched off an ideological civil war, with the usually shadowy Vatican backstabbing giving way to open combat.

    The letter exposed deep ideological clashes, with conservatives taking up arms against Francis’ inclusive vision of a church that is less focused on divisive issues like abortion and homosexuality. But Archbishop Viganò — who himself has been accused of hindering a sexual misconduct investigation in Minnesota — also seems to be settling old scores."

  6. Just how do you mean "conservative" in this context?

    Ah, the New York Times! And talk of an "inclusive vision."

    And what would I do if I were Catholic? Pray fervently, and stay in close touch with fellow Catholics to whom doctrinal soundness was the top priority,

    See latest post.

  7. Conservative in this context refers to conservatives who hijacked the reforms of Vatican II, calling it the smoke of Satan which entered the church then. This accuser is way out of line, but apparently you are ready to latch on to his accusations. I repeat, the bulk of the abuses in Pennsylvania, Ireland and elsewhere occurred decades ago. After John XIII, Popes were all "conservative" until Francis, who inherited all this mess, yet you're sure ready to go after him, aren't you? And not everybody reviles the NYT and WaPo and other so-called liberal media outlets. I didn't swallow Trump's crap on fake news unless it comes from him and from him I've seen plenty.

  8. Although my prayer life is private, I can assure you I pray a lot on a daily basis. Now is no different. I'm in close touch with fellow Catholics too. We largely love Francis who brought us back into the church, not out of it. If what you mean by doctrinal soundness is from the likes of Francis' attackers, they're not interested in staying in close touch with me. They're rather exclusionary. Different strokes for different folks.