Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday roundup

Senator Feinstein's longtime driver is far from the full extent of her ties to China that put her, given the committees she serves on, in a vulnerable spot:

  • China has for almost 40 years cultivated warm relations with Feinstein.
  • Feinstein has uniformly taken political positions supporting greater ties with China while taking a relatively dovish and strictly apologist line on its human rights atrocities.
  • Feinstein’s husband has profited handsomely during Feinstein’s career from the greatly expanded China trade she supported. It is of course possible that the Feinstein family’s privileged position with the Chinese regime improved his investment opportunities.
  • Feinstein has served as a key intermediary between China and the U.S. government, while serving on committees whose work would be of keen interest to the PRC.
  • A staffer of almost two decades in close proximity to Feinstein was allegedly successfully recruited by China’s MSS and fed China “political intelligence.”
Imagine for a second how a motivated and empowered prosecutor would operate in this situation if tasked with exploring “any links and/or coordination” between the Chinese government, Feinstein, and individuals associated with her office.
Few American officials could have been as potentially exposed to the PRC’s skilled intelligence service as Feinstein. Here we have not only proof of a spy, but real evidence of consistently pro-Chinese policy that at very best created the appearance of a financial conflict of interest.
House member representing upstate New York Chris Collins has suspended his campaign in the wake of insider trading allegations.  Just what Pubs don't need this close to November. But a campaign suspension usually means allegations are true, and if he'd continued and gotten reelected, it would have meant a corrupt guy in Congress, and that's never a good thing to live with.

A takedown of five of Alexandria Ocasa-Cortez's greatest doozies so far in her short life as a politician.

The Very Stable Genius, and more to the point, his son-in-law Jared Kushner are going all in for "criminal justice reform."

Great interview by Kathryn Jean Lopez of NRO with Chris Lowney, a prominent Jesuit thinker (who spent years as an investment banker), on the notion of pilgrimage.


  1. Fr. Edward Dowling, SJ, a friend of Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, was convinced that the Spiritual Exercises influenced the 12 Steps of AA (which guide many other 12-step programs). Bill Wilson said he had never heard of Ignatius or the Exercises. He said he sat down at his kitchen table one day and wrote out the 12 Steps in about 20 minutes. To this Fr. Dowling said, “If it were twenty weeks, you could suspect improvisation. Twenty minutes sounds reasonable under the theory of divine help.”

  2. Thanks for the kind notice on my interview with K.J. Lopez! Best of luck for your continued work!