Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday roundup

Caffeinated Thoughts has an eye-opening post about the insidious true objective of the push for "service learning" on university campuses.

The post below is about Jeff Sessions. In the situation dealt with there, he has some solid ground to stand on, as he thought he had a relationship of mutual loyalty with Trump. But there's another Sessions-related development that disturbs me greatly. If he has any compelling reason for pushing for civil asset forfeiture at a time when state governments are moving away from it, now - not five minutes from now - is the time to outline it plainly and fully. Every second he delays does palpable harm to his conservative bona fides.

The Women's March movement wishes a happy birthday to Joanne Chesimard. Its justifications for doing so are beyond lame.

The CIA is going to quit arming anti-Assad-but-also-anti-ISIS rebels in Syria. One way to look at it is that it fits into the overall incoherence of US Syria policy going back many years. The previous administration and the current one have veered back and forth from being overtly anti-Assad - to the extent, in an action a couple of months ago, of firing off 59 missiles at a Syrian government airbase - to saying the US and Russia have common aims there. It's probably the humane thing to do, given that the rebels had become pawns of a very confused policy.

And then there is Syria's neighbor to the north. Turkey's drift away from NATO will have ramifications - not good for the West, but beneficial to Russia, Iran and China.


  1. Did I ever see you protest civil forfeiture over the 30 plus years since Reagan ramped it up under the auspices of the already failed drug war at the time?

    1. The Comprehensive Crime Control Act — was passed by Congress in 1984 after being co-sponsored by prominent conservative senators at the time, such as Strom Thurmond and Orrin Hatch. Also, it should not be overlooked that it was signed into law by then-President Ronald Reagan.

      read more just about anywhere you want to google it, bippy