Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trump's role in the repeal-only fail

Jim Jamitis at Red State lays it out:

President Trump is indeed ready to sign a repeal-only bill. He was ready to sign an Obamacare-light bill as well. He’s ready to sign anything at all. That’s part of the problem.
As the top Republican he has shown zero leadership on perhaps the most important issue for the people who elected him. His willingness to sign anything provides no boundaries for Republicans in Congress.
Simply telling Congress that we won’t sign a healthcare bill that does X or that does not do Y would help them zero in on a target. Personally I don’t think the President really understands or cares about the issue. Condemning Obamacare as a disaster is just a red meat applause line for his rallies. Trump wants to get the “win” but he doesn’t know how to define victory.

Being guided by a desire to be seen as a "winner" rather than by any coherent set of principles was front and center in the reservations of those of us who cajoled and exhorted against this buffoon from the get-go.

Real human freedom is taking palpable blows as a result, but that doesn't seem to be a concern to the slavish devotees.

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