Monday, July 31, 2017

The Mooch is out

Seems that Squirrel-Hair did it directly, but at new Chief of Staff Kelly's request.

Will no doubt have more to say later, but initial observations and questions:

  • Who the hell are they going to find willing to take that job now?
  • What does an egomaniac like Scaramucci do after the double whammy of his wife filing for divorce and getting canned after being sure his boss liked him making an ass of himself?
  • What will the next move in the Kelly era look like?
  • What will the water-carriers havre to say?


  1. Let's see, who wants the job? Maybe the Donald will knock it outta the pahk again. Newtie sure looks insipid, if anyone was listening to him over the 10 day reign of whatever it was. I think we will hear that the Mooch and the 2nd wife, mother of 2 of his children, one pre and the other post-holy wedlock, actually just born a week ago, will patch if up for awhile at least. Why not? They're Catholic.

  2. Dunno much about Kelly, cept wiki says he hitchhiked across country alone when he was 16 and signed up for Nam at 18. College was an afterthought for OCS. Where are the West Pointers like ole Al Haag was. Speaking of Al, let's take a wiki trip down memory lane:

    Initially unable to secure his desired appointment to the United States Military Academy (with one teacher opining that "Al is definitely not West Point material"), Haig studied at the University of Notre Dame (where he reportedly earned a "string of As" in an "intellectual awakening")[6] for two years before securing a congressional appointment to the Academy in 1944 following the intercession of his uncle, who served as the Philadelphia municipal government's director of public works.[6]

    Enrolled in an accelerated wartime curriculum that deemphasized the humanities and social sciences, Haig graduated in the bottom third of his class[7] (ranked 214 of 310) in 1947.[8] Although a West Point superintendent characterized Haig as "the last man in his class anyone expected to become the first general,"[9] other classmates acknowledged his "strong convictions and even stronger ambitions."[8] Haig later earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia Business School in 1955 and a Master of Arts degree in international relations from Georgetown University in 1961. His thesis examined the role of military officers in making national policy.

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  4. Should be interesting to see how Kelly runs the staff like the Marines while the Commander in Chief tries to run the country and the world like a business,