Wednesday, July 26, 2017

But count on Squirrel-Hair to put one up on the good-move side of the ledger in the most bone-headed way possible

David French at NRO:

he did it exactly the wrong way. Not only did he reportedly blindside members of the military (he tweeted while Secretary of Defense James Mattis was on vacation) with the timing and nature of his announcement, his typical inflammatory tweeting was guaranteed to ignite yet another round of public fury. He virtually guaranteed that the next Democratic president would immediately reverse his policy, and he made any congressional debate that much more challenging.

"Just tweet it" seems to be . . .

the virtual motto of a Trump presidency that’s lacking in legislative accomplishments, falling inexcusably behind in presidential appointments (including judicial appointments), and finding itself mired in endless, self-defeating controversies. Sure, there are some “conservatives” who measure success merely by the volume of “liberal tears” spilled on Twitter, and by that measure Trump is a smashing success, but infuriating opponents while alienating the persuadable middle is a poor way to build a political coalition or to prevail in public debate.

Leave it ti S-H to taint even his best actions.



  2. There isn't a paragraph in that whole stinking article that quotes anybody - sourced or unsourced - as ascribing such thinking to any administration individual. It conjectures that that was Trump's direct line of thinking. In any case, it doesn't have any bearing on whether the move in and of itself is good or not.