Friday, July 7, 2017

Is it too much to ask that post-America's largest city not have a relentlessly shameful mayor?

Is there a level on which this is not disgusting?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday skipped an NYPD swearing-in ceremony, made especially poignant by this week’s assassination-style murder of a female police officer in the Bronx, so he could attend an anti-Trump protest in Germany.
According to the New York Post, de Blasio was too busy preparing for his surprise trip to Germany where he plans to join leftist protesters at the G-20 summit on Saturday.
Hizzoner’s overseas jaunt was kept under wraps until just 90 minutes before he took off from Newark Airport. A last-minute announcement said he “will attend several events surrounding the G-20 Summit, including Saturday’s Hamburg Zeigt Haltung rally.”
The Marxist mayor is scheduled to take part in a rally and will return to New York City Sunday.
And, for those who think this kind of thing is important, consider the carbon footprint he left flying over there to act like a spoiled brat.

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