Saturday, July 15, 2017

The shameful squishiness of House Republicans

There is the moral cowardice of what the House did regarding transgender surgery for military personnel, but I'd like to pursue an auxiliary angle: Reportage of this abysmal turn demonstrates that words matter.

Before we get to the semantic monstrosity committed by the Washington Post in this headline, let's go back up a couple of layers and establish a few facts.

1.) Transgendered people have a mental illness. They can carve up their crotches and load themselves up with hormones, but they will always have the DNA they were born with.

2.) It is ill-advised to have people known to be mentally ill entrusted with the defense of this nation against foreign enemies.

3.) It is also ill-advised to have the nation's defense apparatus's focus on its core mission diluted by accommodating people with this particular affliction.

4.) Government funds allocated to the mission of defense, just like government funds in general, should not be used to meet the needs or wants of particular individuals.

Now, consider the mentality required to come up with a headline like "House Rejects Attempt to Ban Transgender Surgery for Troops."

Now, given that, at least for the time being, the military is proceeding with the acceptance of people with this particular mental illness into its ranks, such people are as free as anyone to carve up their crotches and otherwise mutilate the bodies God gave them - on their own dimes. Such mutilation is a practice confined to an infinitesimal portion of those serving. What Missouri Representative Vicky Hartzler's amendment to existing health-care provisions for military personnel would have done is prevent tax dollars from being used.

The same Post article also covers another disgusting Congressional decision to indulge the military's distraction from its mission:

The House also shot down an amendment aimed at getting the Pentagon out of having to submit a report to Congress detailing the impact of climate change on the armed forces. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., said the requirement puts an unnecessary demand on the military at a time when it should be concentrating on defeating the Islamic State group and countering other serious threats.
With this kind of poltroonery manifesting itself in legislation having to do with the most essential Constitutional function of the federal government, it's no wonder these pitiful excuses for statesmen don't seem to be capable of framing the repeal of the "A"CA in free-market terms.

If the House of Representatives as presently composed lacks clarity about three of the most basic principles under attack today - health care not being a right, the global climate not being in any kind of trouble, and transgenderism being a mental illness - it's not of much use for anything other than joining the Freedom-Hater party in nudging this once-great country right over the precipice.


  1. I never heard about any army that marches on its pussy but it's probably 2nd to the stomach in fulfilling the needs of the formerly all male military (prostitution always follows the troops throughout history, many armies rape along with their plundering), just not switching the male member to it.

    As for climate change, well, I presume you think you're really sure, but, hey, the money peeps who do almost nothing if not protect their money, at least the insurance peeps are having a hard look at it all, and I seriously doubt it is because they are snowflakes:

    Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Warming & the Insurance Industry 2016" report to their offering.

    The Global Warming and the Insurance Industry - a research report analyzes the impact global warming and climate change is having on the insurance industry, which some say is the worst hit industry when it comes to battling and getting over the growing number of natural disasters.

    The research report looks at the cause and effect of Global Warming, the technicalities of the Kyoto Protocol, Global Climate Models, the economics of global warming, and then moves on to analyze the impact of global warming on the insurance industry. This is analyzed through growth drivers, issues facing the industry when it comes to global warming, the various action models the insurance industry is following in order to combat global warming, and much more.

    An analysis of the major insurers which are involved in the global warming debate such as Swiss Re, Munich Re, etc., is also included in the report.

    Key Topics Covered:

    A. Executive Summary

    B. Understanding Global Warming & Climate Change

    B.1 Introduction

    B.2 What are the Causes of Global Warming?

    B.3 How Temperatures are Changing

    B.4 Economics of Global Warming

    B.5 Mitigation of Global Warming

    C. Effects of Global Warming

    C.1 Overview

    C.2 Effects on Weather

    C.3 Effects on Oceans

    C.4 Effect on Ecosystems

    C.5 Further Global Warming

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    C.8 Environmental Effects

    C.9 Health Effects

    C.10 Effect on Security

    C.11 Impact of Glacier Retreat

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    D.2 Atmospheric & Ocean Models

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    D.7 GCM & Weather Forecasting

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    E.2 Objective of the Agreement

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  6. What's your reason for bringing up prostitution and rape? If it's supposed to be a justification for taxpayer-funded sex-change operation for military personnel, it's a pretty flimsy one.

  7. Uh, did you read the first line? Here, let me repeat it for you. If you need help with this, let me know. Key words are CONCERNED & FUTURE: warren Buffet has repeated his inconvenient message from last year, that climate has not affected his insurance business – though he is concerned about future climate change.

  8. No, prostitution and rape are not a justification for tax funded sex change operations. Just a stone to throw back at the heteros who are not mentally ill.

  9. Plus I wanted to try to do a little word play with pussy.

  10. the other link at WUWT is a bit more enlightening. You might be shooting yourself in the foot there, bloggie, because everybody knows insurance companies are big fucking crony capitalists. It's an argument in favor of eliminating these greed buckets you always defend. from the link: "Finally, I asked one how he determined the rates. He replied, whatever the market will bear."

  11. and you who always gets on my case, you never answered why that dumb ass political hack Stephen Hawking says we've got to get off the planet within a hundred years. Nor did you respond to the latest study out of Stanford et al. Ahh, but they prob lost all credibility by funding a multiculturalism department and paying its profs too much, right? To refresh your memory, go to

    Feel free to go to your experts for rebuttal though, I'd like to hear what they have to say. Coming up soon is a message from the mayor of Miami Beach who lives in an area that never flooded and now does all the time. He is insisting that the city plan for the future, but your ilk is probably thinking he wants it for pension funding or something.

  12. but you can always fall back on Jesus, and John of Patmos if you want, and welcome the day. hey, it's so very very late in it, righto?

  13. plus all you did was misquote Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway and cite 2 reinsurance companies. What about the other major players cited in the study> I.3 American International Group (AIG)

    I.4 Allianz SE

    I.5 The Travelers Companies

    I.6 Marsh & McLennan Companies

  14. Just thinking , very well paid actuaries are busy predicting health market changes their little brothers in politics hope to proclaim.

  15. and, yes, I do recall the AIG bail-out. It was huge. And it was done by the Bush administration. Yep, don't trust an insurance company. Probably what your man Cruz is saying now about all of them ganging up on him over his health care plan. But, hey, you sure were quick to shout it to the rooftops when one complained about Obamacare or stopped participating, did you not?

  16. Can you elaborate or link something in support of your statement there Michael? Actuaries, huh, according to bloggie's link up there, they don't exist because insurance companies always charge what the market will bear.

  17. As your freely elected Republican president whose policies and people you seem to adore so much puts it, choosing a rare 4 syllable word: "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated." Lest you impale me for going off topic, I still am, on insurance which this morphed from climate change which you totally, completely and irrevocably claim to deny. Remember, I brought insurance into the mix because they don't quite see it that way.

  18. This just out! Breaking!!! Trump may reverse decision on climate accord, France's Macron says

  19. Looks like bloggie has left the thread as he has moved on to other disaffection as he's busy being certain about much more than there is no climate change and the invisible hand which in so many arenas he feels he has to help along.

  20. I have said at LITD, on Facebook, and in in-person exchanges that I don't do climate-science pissing matches. There is no end to it. Hard leftists and those who swallow their Kool-AId have no interest in the plain facts in front of their faces.

  21. While your resolve is admirable (to you and I suppose some others), the plain fact is the debate rages on, despite your cocksureness. I just want to know why Hawking says we've got to leave the planet and why the Stanford study says we are in an age of another mass extinction? And why they're really worried down in Miami? Those are a few issues that are the plain facts before my face.

    About Miami, read more at and

  22. Also, read more about what is right in front of the faces of Miamians at

  23. Just because you bailed on the debate does not mean the issue is resolved in favor of denial at all. At all. Happy hunting for other issues pointing to how late in the day it is, when you deny the biggest clusterfrick right in front of the nose on your face.

  24. Sure the issue is resolved. The global climate is not in any kind of trouble and humankind does not have to collectively make any drastic changes to the way it is proceeding.