Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good on ya, NYC cops!

When the Marxist-Leninist mayor went to Germany to join the world's spoiled brats in making a fuss because the duly elected US president was attending a G20 summit there the day after one of his own NYPD officers was shot in the back of the head while filing a stop report, he quite rightly earned the contempt of the forces in blue.

And they showed it at their fallen colleague's funeral:

Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke at the funeral service of Officer Miosotis Familia who was shot to death last Wednesday by a man who targeted her simply because she was a police officer. But hundreds of police officers outside the church where the service was taking place turned their back when the Mayor spoke.
Maybe NYC voters will come to their senses once again, like they did when they turned to Rudy Guliani to get the porn out of Times Square, get the trash off the streets, and the murder rate down. DeBlasio is returning the great metropolis to sewer status - physically and morally.


  1. I pondered taking issue with the Marxist-Leninist charge, but wikied him to sort of know what I was talking about and, well, yep, cant disagree. This dude has trouble right there in River City, if not before, surely now. An idiotic move for a politician. Rudy has always been so damned full of himself though, hasn't he? But I guess a lot of people go for that in their politicians, for sure.

  2. New Yorkers are an example of what we were talking about in another comment thread. They don't seem to have much use for clarity, instead going in for stuff like "fairness" or "sensitivity to disadvantaged demographics" what makes them feel good.

  3. NYC is one big pond, for sure, lots of sharks, more minnows, but more than a few enlightened dolphins, but dolphins harass the female of their species (and occasionally ours) and have been known to kill their young. What a world the Lord hath made, eh?