Sunday, July 16, 2017

Classic Squirrel-Hair

I sort of understand those still-principled righties who went in for the binary-choice viewpoint in the fall of 2016 and are now, with a fair amount of justification, tallying up the accomplishments on the good-move side of the ledger. This camp would include Dennis Prager, Kurt Schlichter, and Bookworm, to name a few. They must be differentiated from the drooling devotees, such as Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Wayne Allen Root and Charles Hurt. It does bother me when the former camp takes on the tone of the latter camp in castigating those of us who still insist on shining an unsparing light on DJT and not ignoring his Grand-Canyon-sized shortcomings.

For you see, his good moves come damn close to being instances of coincidence. The kindest explanation is that he does have a knack for intuiting that certain figures in his circle are smart and principled and their advice ought to be heeded. But, please, those of you in the first group I enumerated, do not forget that DJT is no conservative. Not that he's a left-leaner, either. He's not sharp enough to have a consistent ideology.

Over the past thirty years, the Democrats have given us two insufferably narcissistic presidents. Now it appears to be the Republicans' turn.

Trump fans, for your man, it's all about him.

This is not the remote assessment of a flyover-country blogger. There is irrefutable proof.

Let's go to the tape:

BRAZEN Donald Trump urged the PM to “fix it” for him to get a warm welcome in Britain.
And he warned he won’t set foot here until the public start liking him.
The US President made his shameless plea in a private conversation with Theresa May to plan his state visit — now postponed until next year.

Two million people signed a petition calling for Mr Trump’s proposed trip to be axed.
A transcript of the chat, seen by senior diplomats, reveals his touchiness. Mr Trump says:

“I haven’t had great coverage out there lately, Theresa.”
She replies awkwardly: “Well, you know what the British press are like.” 
He replies: “I still want to come, but I’m in no rush.

“So, if you can fix it for me, it would make things a lot easier.

“When I know I’m going to get a better reception, I’ll come and not before.”
A source said: “He seemed to think the PM would be able to smooth the path for him to get a warm welcome.

“But she tried to explain she has no power to dictate how newspapers and media might decide to cover his visit.

“After all, we are not North Korea.

“He said he would not agree a date until people support him coming.”
Downing Street would not comment. 
There are world-stage ramifications to this. As I point out above, sometimes Squirrel-Hair gets one right, and he could conceivably put forth to US allies some truly great idea for moving the needle on some particular foreign-policy situation. But why should any ally be motivated to join ranks, to have his back at, say, a G20 summit, or a UN Security Council meeting, or a one-on-one state visit? Could they count on him the minute the idea started getting negative coverage? Will he add some feature to his original proposal that mitigates it so that he can look good?

Plus, there is just the personality-level repulsiveness. Even the above mentioned Democrat narcissists had the quality of charm. This guy doesn't have a sub-atomic particle of that particular trait.

This is why no castigation of those with my viewpoint from ostensible conservatives who hope to shame us into overlooking this aspect of what we're saddled with will move me to waver one micro inch.

It was a mistake for the Republicans to nominate Donald Trump.


  1. So consistency requires mental sharpness? And when did that leave the naturally aging Trump who once was Gillette ultra sharp when it came to himself and how he cooks manage the visible hand his papa gave him.By consistency you must lean some unarguable unified platform or the like.

  2. Yes, I mean inarguable unified platform. A-H is all over the map.