Thursday, July 13, 2017

How "mainstream" media frames stories in post-Christian post-America

Christianity-haters call a Christian group hateful and, if it weren't for non-"mainstream" media,  no one would blink an eye:

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech at Alliance Defending Freedom’s Summit on Religious Liberty in Orange County, California. The Alliance Defending Freedom is conservative Christian non-profit that provides legal advocacy, training, and funding to support the defense of religious liberty. They are pro-life and pro-traditional family and marriage. They are only a fringe group in the sense that being an orthodox Christian is now a fringe position in much of the nation. But what has really put them in the crosshairs of the left is the fact that they are fairly successful. They were the prime mover behind the Trinity Lutheran case in which the Supreme Court decided, in a 7-2 decision, that states could not discriminate in awarding non-religious grants based on religious viewpoint.
This is how the media covered Sessions’s speech:
NBC: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Criticized for Speaking to ‘Hate Group’
ABC: Jeff Sessions addresses ‘anti-LGBT hate group,’ but DOJ won’t release his remarks
Mediaite: AG Jeff Sessions Spoke to an ‘Anti-LGBT Hate Group’ and is Refusing to Release His Speech
It is so very late in the day.


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  2. So the message fundies take from this is also any media with the descriptive LA or NYC appearing in its name or description is verboten and also, of course any scientific studies from American public and secular private research universities are quite suspect, and more woe unto those who promulgate many of the useless humanities unless they're of purported verifiable Western ilk, although that old poppycock can sure be borrrring.

  3. Whoa! How in the hell are you inferring any kind of orthodox Christian position on research universities from a story about Jeff Sessions, persecuted Christian bakers, and NBC, ABC, and Mediate? Or humanities programs?