Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Lightworker-in-Chief wags his finger at the nine in the black robes

Here's a regime weigh-in on another subject - that precious cornerstone of its totalitarian agenda, FHer-care - that employs the same argument as in the case of banning gummint funds for abortion providers.  In the case of FHer-care, the MEC himself oncee again tries to influence the way a coequal branch conducts its business, warning the Supreme Court that finding the individual mandate unconstitutional will creat "chaos" in the Medicare program.

Follow the logic, such as it is.  He's saying he doesn't care if the Consitution gets trampled, as long as the state's role as Santa Claus is assured.


  1. You do realize that market based mandated health care which is what this fubarred bill is was a Heritage Foundation plan.

  2. And Heritage later publicly acknowledged that it had been a flawed proposal.

  3. Close call there, eh, your chanticleers of freedom going down that road to serfdom like that. What made them realize that their step out into some semblance of populism was tampling towards totalitarianism?