Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beautiful and glorious - today's edition

Richard Mourdock defeats one of the Senate's most egregious Reasonable Gentlemen.


  1. Great provisional win for the TPers. Kinda like the Obama OBL kill, the other side{s} would've really rubbed it in if your unabashed TPer had lost. Lugar has noone to blame but himself. Pathetic the cry out for crossover votes near the end. Hopefully we will benefit from his voice for decade{s} to come like with another of your faves, Lee Hamilton. Essentially the same thing happened to Bob Garton a few years back as a long time state senator. Obladi, oblada...

  2. Hmm, a Big Oil geologist then bean counter who thinks Lugar's views on Israel are horrible. We need for our grandchildren to die for their universal health care I suppose.

  3. Well, certainly reports of the Tea Party's death were premature. North Carolina reaffirmed the normal-people definition of marriage, and Scott Walker fended off a primary challenger in the Wisconsin recall situation.