Friday, May 25, 2012

The cozy relationship among behemoths

Good Jonah Goldberg column about the chasm between what the entertainment industry thinks big corporations are driven by - and what it wants you and especially your kids to think it's driven by - and what they are really driven by.  For one thing, that industry should look at itself.  It's comprised of big corporations, and they're staffed almost entirely by wacko FHers.  But the influence on the kiddies explains a lot about the changing nature of corporations in general.  They are indoctrinated this way, but the sharpest among them also see upperclassmen meeting with recruiters when they get to college, and then hear about those people getting very nice jobs.  This creates a bit of cognitive dissonance, but it's easily enough resolved by going after such jobs with a bit of the attitude of a crusader in one's heart. "I'm going to bring social justice to the corporate world!"  Pretty soon, as generational shift reaches critical mass, the character of a corporation changes.  Diversity councils.  Green practices.  Exhortations to join "give-back-to-the-community" volunteer groups.  (I've been told by the economic development guru in my own city that young hotshots place community service high on their list  - along with bike trails and good restaurants - of qualities they insist on in a city they consider.)  This, of course, leads to the corporate-governmental alliance of which Goldberg speaks, and obsequious executives posing for photo ops with hard-left politicians who don't give a damn about profit or market forces.

And pretty soon these sprawling leviathans are not so distinguishable from the supposedly constitutionally limited entity that makes our laws, hands down edicts by administrative fiat, and can forcibly take our money.

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