Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Today's House Committee on Government Oversight & Reform hearing was an eye-opener

Store the name Justin Cooper away in your election-cycle memory files:

The real news, in my opinion, comes from the testimony of a guy named Justin Cooper. Cooper was paid by both the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton family to assist a State Department employee, Brian Pagliano, in managing Clinton's server. Why no one has focused on the blatant illegality of using a federal employee for personal chores is one of those decisions that I really don't understand. But up until July I was always under the misapprehension that failing to safeguard Top Secret documents was a punishable offense.
First, he admits he does not have a security clearance. Of any kind. Whatsoever. Second, he had unfettered access to Hillary Clinton's email. This email included a lot of classified information because virtually all of her official communications would be classified at least at the lowest levels. This is demonstrated by the amount of redacted and declassified information that has been released. He was also responsible for destroying Hillary Clinton's discarded cell phones. We know that there was no accounting for those cell phones, no evidence that they were actually destroyed and not simply resold, and we also know those phones contained classified information.
I don't think a low paid contract employee would have been tempted to assist in attempts to breach Hillary Clinton's email server. There is no reason to think that a low paid contract employee would sell discarded cell phones. There is no reason to think Cooper was compromised by a foreign intelligence service. But we don't know that because he never underwent any kind of security investigation before he was entrusted with Top Secret and above information. But the fact that a server that contains classified information and services the email accounts of the secretary of state and her cronies and accomplices would have been totally exposed to tampering by the people handling it speaks to the complete disdain Clinton held for safeguarding classified information.
Madame BleachBit is not only not transparent, she's positively Nixonian in her style of keeping her cards to her vest.


  1. I hope Hillie drops out and all you grand inquistors will have to move on and inquisit someone else. Have fun!

  2. The ideal scenario would be health problems for each of them that necessitated dropping out. Yet tonight.

  3. 3 witnesses refused to testify. Must make Trey mad! Those pesky constitutional rights.

  4. But I saw the stars in your eyes in that pic with your current hero Cruz.

  5. The thinking man's Trump aka a Trump with couth.

  6. Cruz is a conservative. Squirrel-Hair has no ideological rudder.