Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Most Equal Comrade uses final UN address to once again diss the country he rules over

True to form, the MEC uses a podium in front of a global audience to once again point up what he sees as post-America's shortcomings:

  1. In America, there's too much money in politics.
  2. There's also too much "entrenched partisanship."
  3. Too few Americans are civically engaged.
  4. A "patchwork of laws" in America set out to make it hard for Americans to vote.
  5. Considering our founding ideals, America has made “our share of mistakes over these last 25 years.” 
  6. The only way the world will become more secure is for powerful nations like America to “accept constraints.”
  7. For believing that all countries must adhere to certain "international norms," many Americans criticize Obama.
  8. Too many in Washington believe all of the problems in the world can be solved by Washington.
  9. As president, he's helped "curb" America’s “excesses of capitalism.”
  10. America has “undermined unions,” which has destroyed manufacturing jobs. 
  11. In calling for greater respect and tolerance, Obama also likened racial discrimination in the U.S. to ethnic discrimination in Burundi and and religious discrimination in Burma. 
The Great Leveling Project - the Most Equal Comrade's overarching life mission. Making sure no one thinks of the United States of America as a worthy and needed moral, economic and military leader.

Worst president ever. Worse than Carter, Jackson or Buchanan. At least each of them had some kind of love of America, however peculiar.


  1. #9, Wells Fargo comes to mind recently

  2. Bitch who ran it retired on 13 plus mil

  3. How is what's been going on at Wells Fargo "excessive capitalism"? Looks more like plain old immoral and illegal behavior to me.