Saturday, September 3, 2016

She's either so desperate to be president that she'll feign severe mental sloppiness, or her cognitive abilities really are a mess

The notes from the FBI's interview with Hillionaire are now public. They don't paint picture of a sharp individual:

Hillary Clinton repeatedly told the FBI she couldn't recall key details and events related to classified information procedures, according to notes the bureau released Friday of its July interview with the Democratic presidential nominee, along with a report on its investigation into her private email server. 
Clinton told the FBI she "could not recall any briefing or training by State related to the retention of federal records or handling classified information," according to the bureau's notes of their interview with Clinton. The documents indicate Clinton told investigators she either does not "recall" or "remember" at least 39 times — often in response to questions about process, potential training or the content of specific emails.
    Much of the report reiterated what FBI Director James Comey testified in open hearings before Congress, including that more than six dozen email chains contained classified information at the time they were sent and that there appeared to have been hacking attempts on her server, though there is no evidence they were successful. Still, the report added fuel to the criticisms of Clinton and the narrative that her team acted "extremely careless," as Comey said.
    GOP nominee Donald Trump and other Republicans have stepped up their attacks connecting the emails to questions over whether Clinton gave preferential treatment to donors to her family's foundation. The release of the documents Friday comes as Clinton's lead over Trump has been cut in half since her post-convention bounce last month, according to CNN's Poll of Polls released Thursday.
    The bureau is making the information public in response to numerous Freedom of Information Act requests, including from CNN. 
    "Today the FBI is releasing a summary of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's July 2, 2016 interview with the FBI concerning allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure," the agency said in a statement. "We also are releasing a factual summary of the FBI's investigation into this matter."
    Would that be her excuse if Armageddon occurred on her watch as dictator of post-America? "Was that the suitcase that contained the nuclear codes? I don't recall anyone telling me that. I left it in the hallway and put a post on Huma's Facebook page asking her to pick it up."

    UPDATE: Stephen Hayes at The Weekly Standard  list three occasions last year on which Hillionaire flat-out lied about her emails: March 10 (“absolute confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the possession of the State Department", August 8 ("Clinton submitted a signed declaration to the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., swearing 'under penalty of perjury' that she'd directed all emails that 'were or potentially were' work-related be turned over to the State Department"), and October 22 ("I provided the department, which has been providing you, with all of my work-related emails—all that I had.") Then there was this statement from May of this year: "I have provided all of my work-related emails, and I've asked that they be made public, and I think that demonstrates that I wanted to make sure that this information was part of the official records."

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