Thursday, September 1, 2016

The actual ten points were good, but further reflection solidifies my observations of this morning

This morning, I made the point that Squirrel-Hair's Arizona speech was so mired by histrionics, hyperbole and policy reversal that those elements negated the good done by his visit with President Pena Nieto earlier in the day. I quoted from a Caleb Howe piece at RedState to make the thrust of my assertion.

Not everyone sees it that way. A number of observers think that his ten-point immigration plan was the takeaway. I think it's an argument with merit.

Paul Mirengoff at Power Line summarizes the ten points and then substantiates his position that it was a good speech. The points:

1. Build a wall along the Southern border; 
2. End catch and release;
3. Zero tolerance for criminal aliens;
4. Block funding for sanctuary cities;
5. Cancel unconstitutional executive orders;
6. Suspend the issuance of visas to any place where adequate screening cannot occur;
7. Ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported;
8. Complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system;
9. Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet;
10. Reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers.

Ben Shapiro at Daily Wire liked it, too.

Here's the thing, though. As David French at NRO, like Howe at RedState before him, says, the medium through which the list was transmitted was unfortunately true to form:

Last night, Donald Trump outlined the core of a sensible, responsible immigration policy . . . and then promptly obscured that policy in an avalanche of over-the-top rhetoric, inane flourishes, and extravagant promises. He threw raw steaks at an audience hungry for red meat, and in so doing squandered a chance to persuade. 
Or, as my sister put it in a phone conversation today, "I bailed before he finished. I couldn't take being screamed at."

I said I had the same reaction.


  1. The Problem was created by da man with da cash who motivated the dash. This is another of his chickens in every pot. A palliative promise to ease the piles in the aasholes here that throw the blame in the wrong direction. Did u know Obama deported more illegals than Bush during his first term?

  2. Yes his tone is disgustingly dictatorial

  3. Does anyone wonder what Mr Trump will do with his businesses if he becomes President? Or are Mr Trumps finance's off limits, and why so running for Public office?

  4. Where is the zero tolerance for hiring them and often paying them in cash? Something there is about the past that you can't take it back. Not even the greatest wonder of a wall ever on planet earth nor buckets of hate from hell can bring it all back.

    "Without paper currency, it would be vastly more difficult for employers to pay workers off the books, and sub-market wages. It would be more difficult for employers to avoid making social security tax contributions and to skirt labor laws. Phasing out paper currency is a far more humane way of channeling immigration through legal channels that some of the draconian methods being proposed, such as building giant walls and barbed wire fences. Remarkably, no one in the heated political debate on immigration seems to have quite realized this. Of course, any substantial phase-out of paper currency would take place of a very long period, perhaps 10-15 years, giving a long runway for policy to help existing immigrants."

  5. So we turn on the jobs and goddam benefits magnet when we want to, eh? Good luck with that. What bennies do these "employers" offer these peeps, huh? Oh, I spose you're talking about your tax money again. Ask not for whom the bell tolls with the AI robot grab. Head for the hills and build in a gated community if you can.

  6. Um, one of the ten points is to get rid of the jobs magnet.

  7. Um, one of the ten points is to get rid of the jobs magnet.

  8. What about that magnetic bennie mag? What are the bennies? Hell, I'm white and formerly in bondage to them bennies from the empie ployer, but free of such burdens for over 10 years, not necessarily by choice mind you, but what sort of buffoon would so choose?

  9. These people wouldn't even be here is someone had not paid them to be here.

  10. That's right, and it's time to stop it.