Thursday, September 8, 2016

Squirrel-Hair: way off base on a foreign-policy basic

Rick Moran at The American Thinker on S-H shooting off his mouth last night about Putin being a better leader than the Most Equal Comrade:

The issue isn't whether Putin is a stronger leader than Obama.  A marmoset is a stronger leader than Obama.  But why single out this thug for any praise whatsoever?  Trump has no clue about Putin's strategic aims, which do not include destroying the Islamic State.  The notion of an alliance is laughable  something Putin, no doubt, is doing every time Trump hints some kind of joint action against the terrorists.  Putin wants ISIS to continue to bleed the U.S., making us expend precious resources in Iraq and Syria while making little headway in dislodging them from their strongholds.  He also has little interest in a negotiated settlement in Syria until Russian intervention has solidified the regime of Bashar Assad and the rebels have been weakened considerably.
If Trump was going to hold up a leader of another country who is stronger than Obama, why not an ally?  Why choose someone on the opposite side in Syria and Ukraine, where Putin's long-term goal is annexation of most of that country?  Putin is threatening our allies in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states and looks to destroy NATO.  What is there to admire in this man, who threatens the peace of the world so brazenly?
Trump's flirtation with Putin needs to end, and he needs to see him for what he is: a threat to the U.S. and our interests.

And the line "If he says great things about me I'm going to say great things about him" is classic Squirrel-Hair.

One of many, many, many reasons I am not yet prepared to do a Mark Levin.

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