Thursday, September 1, 2016

Focusing on free speech with regard to Colin Kaepernick is a smokescreen

Derek Hunter at Townhall nails it:

Supporters such as NBA hall of famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaun King, New York Daily News’ resident Rachel Dolezal who uses a urinal noted for charity, um, issues, rushed to his defense. 
“He has a right to do it,” was the gist of their cries, and they’re right. So what? And who cares? If a moron, backed by a moron army, wants to protest whatever they want, good for them. But I don’t have to give a damn. And I don’t. 
Kaepernick's ingratitude, much remarked on all over the punditsphere,  isn't even the main issue. It's his narcissism, which is a microcosm of the narcissism that makes this kind of behavior a virtue in post-America:

In the end, the problem isn’t a spoiled 28-year-old has-been millionaire, nor is it a hall of famer, or an alleged plagiarist. It’s the culture so full of excrement it fertilizes lies like “Hand up, don’t shoot” so long that the lie grows unchallenged like bamboo in the minds of the ignorant. 
So full of “fertilizer” is the culture that every celebrity gathering is punctuated by a bizarre game of one-upping the previous claims of support for the latest big lie. Cheered by drones, Democrats and a knowing media, award shows celebrate drug dealers and thieves as innocent victims. It’s a sickness. 
And this narcissism leads to a willful blindness to the urban holocaust occurring in post-America:

Meanwhile, more people have been murdered in Chicago this year than in New York and Los Angeles combined. Chicago has 2.7 million people, compared to a combined population of New York and Los Angeles of 12.2 million. But Chicago has had 487 homicides this year, compared to 222 for New York and 176 for Los Angeles. 
And that's because Chicago's gang-investigation unit has shrunk, and because gangs are no longer afraid to confront cops when they do arrive at a scene.

So don't hand us this distraction about Kaepernick's right to sit out the anthem. The point is that he is perpetuating violence and anarchy by being a jackass in the particular manner in which he has chosen to be a jackass.

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