Sunday, September 18, 2016

Now the campus jackboots want to regulate your facial muscles


What you express with your face is now the purview of the jackboots. Clark University had already served noticed to its cattle-masses students that asking a black guy if he plays basketball or asking an Asian person to help with math homework was not okay.

Now it's a face that registers surprise:

But Clark has entered new territory by expanding the category of forbidden aggressions to include thought crimes: “Showing surprise when a ‘feminine’ woman says she is a lesbian” is, according to Clark, an aggressive act.

And, of course, the jackboots will be in charge of defining the terms "feminine" and "surprise."

Of course, all this poison is based on the infantile notion that one has a right to not encounter particular reactions to what one does or proclaims about oneself. In other words, you should never be in a position where you might take offense at something someone says about you -- or even expresses with his or her freakin' face.

Because your feelings reign supreme.

Just ask Sally Kohn, who in a debate about this subject at the University of Missouri, asserted this explicitly, trotting out the "privilege" card - proclaiming that non-white demographic groups are too delicate to hear arguments based on reason:

Speech that seems harmless to middle or upper-class whites, she said, could be deeply threatening to poor and non-white communities. If somebody claims to feel certain speech is unsafe, Kohn said, they should be believed.
“Feelings are valid,” she said, according to Stroup. “I’m never going to argue with people’s feelings.” 

Yeah, you are, Sally. I'll bet you a dollar to a doughnut you're on board with the Clark U. prohibition against registering surprise with your face


  1. Higher ed is all about the bucks now, so it's good prep for the corporate jackboot realm.

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  3. Well, there is indeed a corporate jackboot realm, in the sense that "diversity officers" and "sensitivity training" are increasingly commonplace, and lots of major corporations bully states regarding laws concerning homosexual "marriage" and transgender bathrooms. When considering a community for locating a facility, they often want to know if that community has a human rights ordinance.

  4. Nicotene swabs too, but you aren't concerned about that personal freedom I'd guess. Robots do it all better anyhow. What do you get with your fat corporate paycheck? A home in a gated community where you can't park your car in sight and you have to pick up your dogs poop, among many other impositions. Ain't that America?

  5. It's a snapshot of a particular aspect of post-America.