Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday morning roundup

Tony Schwartz was the ghostwriter for The Art of the Deal, which the Bots regard as sacred scripture.  On CNN's New Day, he expressed remorse for his part in presenting an image of a far more savvy businessman than exists in reality, and also his alarm at Squirrel-Hair's current admiration for Putin. S-H, true to form, has taken to Twitter to let loose a barrage of seventh-grade-level swipes at Schwartz. There's never too much on the guy's plate for him to take time for some vindictive payback on social media.

Andrew Ferguson at The Weekly Standard says that the upcoming government (as in funded by your taxes) "Conversation on Women's Rights and Gender Equality" is going to employ the same definition of "conversation" as all such previous pow-wows: you privileged types are going sit down and listen to us rant explain why you are guilty of overtly dominating all other demographics. Need proof? Look at the lineup:

The press release lists the conversationalists: the founder of, a lawyer from the Center for Reproductive Rights, an editor from Ms. magazine, the executive director of Equal Rights Advocates, and a poet with the improbable name of Aja Monet. Oh, and Soledad O'Brien. Not a Republican in the bunch. I'm guessing.
Andrew McCarthy at NRO reflects on the utter lack of progress against jihad since September 11, 2001. The principle reason is that the overlords still won't identify the actual enemy.

How sick and spiritually rotten is post-America? High school football players around the country are following Kaepernick's example, taking the knee during the national anthem - with the support of their coaches:

  • At Waggener High in Louisville, a player took a knee as his teammates stood alongside him. A number of players had taken a knee as the team line up but eventually rose as the music starting playing. Coach Jordan Johnson said the team will take steps before next week’s game to “to ensure our young men can make a stand for social injustice, while at the same time not showing, what is perceived as, disrespect.” (Click here for more of Waggener’s response.)
Staff name tags at Vanderbilt University now sport the wearer's "preferred gender pronouns." 

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