Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Kavanaugh hearing: an excellent insight into what the Left thinks conservatism is all about

Paul Mirengoff at Power Line is live-blogging it. Talk about nerves of steel! It's quite a read, if you've been otherwise disposed today. You can get the full skinny on the disruptions from Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and assorted lunatics among the spectators.

I just watched Sheldon Whitehouse preen and wax indignant, trotting out the term "Roberts Five" repeatedly, acting like overturning Citizens United was a travesty, focusing on how various decisions have affected minorities, and making clear that he views corporations as a type of human organizations as suspect from the get-go.

Senator Whitehouse, the law is supposed to be blind to demographic considerations, and your insinuation, with no substantiation beyond the decisions themselves, that these decisions - I'm particularly thinking of decisions pertaining to voter-ID requirements and drawing up of districts - are motivated by bigotry is disgusting.

Now the great Ted Cruz is up, dispelling the crap about the documents released yesterday. For one thing, as Ted points out, Kavanaugh has already handed over more documents than the last five SCOTUS nominees combined. Irrefutable smackdown of Harris. Also pointed out that the George Bush administration (the era from which these documents originate) has security reasons for not wanting every internal correspondence made public.

It's nauseating to watch or read about, but it's clarifying. The Left fears and hates the Constitution. Jurists who insist on interpreting it according to the Framers' intent must, in their view, be stopped.


  1. Not good PR from the left which has been stalled in the development of civility since the 60s. Hurts rather than helps their "cause." An abomination actually.

  2. The most common (and least successful) defense against dissent is that those standing in opposition are not behaving well.

  3. These people acted like jerks. Desperate jerks at that, since they know Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed.

  4. I mean, jeez, Handmaid's Tale costumes? The tweet about the lady supposedly making a white power sign with her hands?


  5. Yeah Rick it's common. Common hooligans hooting like hayenas in a heretofore civil proceeding. For common commenters they hurt our cause. It's really indefensible crudity. Book em, Bailiff!