Thursday, September 6, 2018

Further thoughts on the anonymous NYT op-ed

Was it dishonorable for the person to write it and approach the NYT about publishing it?

That argument is fairly compelling, but since we don't know who it is, the particular circumstances are not fully known.

But as I say below, this is a reasoned viewpoint borne of experience at close hand. This person is not some tribalist out to just "resist."

Byron York is profoundly mistaken about it's "complaints . . . being small." He or she is genuinely and gravely concerned abut this.

That being so, it would indeed have been more honorable for the author to step forward and let the world know his or her identity and let the chips fall where they may re: his or her career.

As I knew would be the case, the reactions are utterly predictable. Both tribes with a big stake in this - the hard Left and the Trumpists - are spouting exactly the talking points I knew they would.


  1. Reasonable viewpoint because you agree with it? Watched a bit of Trump stumping in Montana last nite. He looks good and strong. It was wrong for the NYT to publish an anonymous letter. The Columbus Republic doesn't even do that. Anonymous is an asshole. And a wimp!

  2. David French at NRO makes that case compellingly this morning: Step forward or you're a contemptible coward.