Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thursday roundup

Steven Hayward at Power Line fills us in on the case of Roger Pielke, Jr. of the University of Colorado, who published a study in Issues in Science and Technology that, with some very deep-dive charts, shows that climate policy, such as the initiatives agreed to in the Rio and Kyoto accords, has not moved the needle one bit in terms of global decarbonization rates. He's actually in the camp that feels that there is long-term climate change - that is, he's not, in his views on the underlying matter, what the climate-is-in-trouble camp calls a "denier." Still, here's what he came in for:

What has been the response? Naturally he got slagged hard by the climatistas, urging readers to ignore Roger’s article, as Matthew Nisbet noted on Facebook and  Twitter:
This morning, ClimateNexus shamefully and outrageously sent out the equivalent of an under-the-radar political robocall, attacking Roger Pielke in an anonymous email sent to thousands of list subscribers. Instead of engaging with the ideas in his new essay at Issues in Science & Technology, a magazine published by the National Academies, the email slurs him as a fellow traveler with deniers and as evil personified. Such attacks are an example of what Steven Pinker in his new book so eloquently identifies as anti-Enlightenment tribalism. In this case, Climate Nexus trades reason and evidence in favor of vitriolic attacks on behalf of left-wing goals of 100% renewables and Democratic socialism.
Great piece by Derek Rishmay at The Gospel Coalition entitled "You Want a God of Judgement."

During the Iranian groundswell of opposition last winter, (at least) two women publicly removed their hijabs. One has disappeared and another has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The Washington Post offered up a most lame attempt at Kavanaugh alarmism, citing the fact that, for brief periods of time over the last decade, he had racked up credit card debt "that could have exceeded the value of his cash accounts and investment asserts." Um, what he did was buy up a bunch of Washington Nationals tickets for buds, who quickly repaid him, after which all was well with his finances.

Peter Heck at The Resurgent on the bottom line regarding all this Leftist hyperbole over Kavanaugh:

It’s pure theater, and outside of the left’s ever-shrinking bubble of perpetual outrage, normal people are tired of watching the same act. Liberals may be worried about losing a SCOTUS seat to Brett Kavanaugh, but they should be most concerned that they’ve lost the audience.
Johan Goldberg had always had respect for Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Michael Doran, but after a recent exchange in which Doran revealed that, since 2016, he's become a VSG tribalist, Goldberg has had to set Doran straight about what Goldberg is and is not, a state of affairs he finds lamentable.

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