Sunday, July 1, 2018

The fruits of patty-cake - today's edition

This is looking increasingly like Agreed Framework and Six-Way talks redux:

U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded North Korea is attempting to secretly make more nuclear fuel suitable for weapons despite the Singapore Summit earlier this month. The conclusions appear in an intelligence assessment which was first reported Friday by NBC News:

In recent months, even as the two sides engaged in diplomacy, North Korea was stepping up its production of enriched uranium for nuclear weapons, five U.S. officials say, citing the latest intelligence assessment. North Korea and the U.S. agreed at the summit to “work toward” denuclearization, but there is no specific deal. On Trump’s order, the U.S. military canceled training exercises on the Korean peninsula, a major concession to Kim.
While the North Koreans have stopped missile and nuclear tests, “there’s no evidence that they are decreasing stockpiles, or that they have stopped their production,” said one U.S. official briefed on the latest intelligence. “There is absolutely unequivocal evidence that they are trying to deceive the U.S.”
Four other officials familiar with the intelligence assessment also said North Korea intended to deceive the U.S.
NBC did speak to one unnamed source who felt North Korea’s decision to stop missile testing was an unexpected step in the right direction, but even he agreed North Korea seemed to be trying to deceive the U.S. The assessment also says North Korea has several undeclared nuclear sites in addition to the one they do acknowledge at Yongbyon.

The shills have their work cut out for them spinning the VSG's patty-cake as 5-D chess. And, just as in the case with speculating on where Kudlow and Moore  stand, in their private moments, on the fallout from tariffs, I have to imagine that the private conversations among the likes of Pompeo, Bolton and Haley, with regard to North Korea policy over the last three months, are of a "the-president-went-off-half-cocked" nature.


  1. Trump (Nobel Man) might have to go over there again to straighten Rocket Man out. Or just open up a can of fire & fury.

  2. And here comes Johnny B Bad on Face the Nation this morning stating the US has a plan to dismantle NK's nukes within a year. Everything Trump does is a macabre campaign stunt. Good thing you're not a Republican any longer, huh?

  3. Another campaign stunt coming up in Helsinki July 16.

  4. For a brief period of time, there was kind of a consensus shaping up, mainly on the right, but also seen more broadly, that perhaps foreign policy was where Trump was going to shine as a president. I think we're seeing less of that now.

  5. I guess those 75 retired career senior diplomats who signed a letter opposing Trump before the election were just deep state whiners.