Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Not a moment of regret

I hope I've been effective in positioning LITD as a conservative site that maintains, even into the second half of 2018, that it was a mistake for the Republican Party to nominate Donald Trump as president.

I'd always known he was a self-absorbed, petty, bombastic, hedonistic loudmouth, so I did a bit of wincing when he descended the escalator at Trump Tower in July 2015 and made his grand announcement. Still with the fine bench that was shaping up on the GOP side, particularly with Ted Cruz, who wound up being the last contender before bowing out that sad, sad night in Indianapolis in May 2016, I wasn't overly concerned about the Trump phenomenon.

There's been a lot to weather since that period. The decision on the part of his slavish devotees to jettison their critical faculties. Their claims that anything less than total devotion to his "agenda" constituted ceding the battleground to the Left. The increasing momentum with which the Left has become unhinged. Calls from those with whom I'm aligned on the dispositional level to quit voting Republican altogether. The layers of cacophony are dizzying to try to comprehend.

There's the whole question of how infected the Department of Justice and the FBI are with the notion that a Trump administration is unacceptable, and what actions were taken on that basis. It's clear, from evidence such as the Stzrok-Page emails and now Comey's vote-Democrat coming-out, that it's pretty serious.

Then you get odd moments like the across-the-spectrum consensus that these tariffs are a horrible idea, or a nearly-as-unified negative take on the Helsinki summit and the European trip generally.

And, per the Cohen tape played on CNN yesterday, it's clearer than ever that the Very Stable Genius did indeed carry on an affair with former Playmate Karen McDougal.

Then there's this layer: shills of the evangelical sort, such as Robert Jeffress, who cling to that flimsy "we-didn't-elect-a-pastor" position.

But you know what? I'm actually sort of upbeat. The position I've had all along has been vindicated.

For all the Donald Trumps, Trump shills, Beltway bureaucrats with anti-Trump agendas, and pussy-hat-wearing, storefront-smashing, vulgarity-spewing Leftists, there is, as there always has been, one approach that's never been tried in pure form: three-pillared conservatism. And it's still there, waiting to be implemented.

I - and those (whose numbers and refusal to die drive Trumpists up the wall) of like mind - are on solid ground maintaining what we did as the election results in November 2016 became clear: We're in a position to applaud good moves on the part of this administration, while pointing out instances in which it's doing harm.

As has always been the case, anything detrimental that is happening to America could be ameliorated - quickly - with conservative public policy and cultural prevalence.

A midterm is coming up, people. It's a chance to vote for those candidates who would do the most to further the principles we know will work. Some are a little too enthusiastic about the Very Stable Genius for me, but I think they'd come down on the correct side of particular bills that came before them.

No, every day brings fresh evidence that our hearts and our intuition gave us good guidance.

Any time America wants to try the real thing, it's going to work. And the current clown show is going to make that increasingly apparent.


  1. I cant understand why all these women want to bop him, but I presume it's why they dont want to bop me.

  2. Anyone who continues to indulge in the tin-foil-hat-worthy conspiracy by the FBI/DOJ to defeat Donald Trump's election in the face of a overwhelming mountain of proof that, if anything, their actions had the exact opposite result, is bereft of any standing to accuse others of having "jettison(ed) their critical faculties". Just sayin'

  3. Boogie and his ilk alone are the more righteous of the Trump haters

  4. I heartily applaud everyone who opposed/opposes Trump, then, now, and because of what I've seen from him in powa, forever and ever, if not Amen just yet, darn it.