Thursday, August 10, 2017

An array of fronts on which post-America's terminal rot is manifest come together in one Vogue magazine profile

They get at least a threefer:

Bradley Manning, the focus of the profile, leaked thousands of documents to Wikileaks, knowing al-Qaeda would see them.

Then the traitorous son of a bitch gets you to pay for the carving up of his crotch and other forms of self-mutilation with your tax dollars.

Then he poses in a $350 Norma Kamali swimsuit for Vogue magazine. Sassy little female haircut, necklace. I guess those are some kind of artificial boobs filling out the cups.

There is of course no surprise that Vogue would be the periodical where he would foist this grotesquerie on the world.  That foul rag's little-sister publication, Teen Vogue, recently published a how-to article on anal sex. 

Post-America has seen the devil of Hell prowling on the lawn and opened its doors and said, "Come on in!"


  1. SMH too(not akin to S & M, stands for shaking my head to the cognoscenti who never pay the rentie).

  2. Chelsea the poster girl for the Millennial (b. 1987) military man. You do realize they began to outnumber us burly boomers sometime back in '15. What's my point? SMH.

  3. Answer: you really don't have one.

  4. Rewarding bad behavior seems in vogue.