Saturday, August 12, 2017

And this guy holds the "diversity chair" at his school

What an Orwellian title for such a supreme jackboot:

The University of Central Florida's (UCF) student government has recently appointed a new Diversity Chair, and its conservative students are less than thrilled. It’s not that Grayson Lanza is a vocal Democrat, it’s that he has zero tolerance for those with differing opinions.
According to Knight News - an independent, student-run paper - various students have accused Lanza of being hostile towards conservatives and saying that Trump-supporters have no place on UCF’s campus.
Daniel Hanna, a UCF student who voted for the current president, told the paper that he was confronted by Lanza at a pro-Trump rally on the UCF’s “free speech lawn” (that's a whole other issue we won't get into) last September.
Hanna was reportedly having a good time with friends when Lanza and other liberal students began harassing them, calling them racist and sexist (among other things) and repeatedly telling them that they’re not welcome.
“When we started debating politics, I eventually said ‘you know the great thing about this country is we can both differ regarding political views but we can openly discuss it,’” Hanna told Knight News. “Then I offered him a handshake.”
Unsurprisingly, Lanza didn’t share the same sentiment.
“He said ‘I’m not shaking your hand, I do not tolerate you and you are not welcome here,’” recalled Hanna.
In October, Lanza also reportedly posted the following message to Facebook: “And let today be a lesson to all; Trump supporters are not welcome on our campus.”
Hanna believes Lanza’s clear disgust for conservative students should disqualify him as Diversity Chair, noting that diversity of thought is just as important as diversity of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or whatever else defines students. 
“He should not be head of diversity. I do not care if someone equally as liberal as him takes the position, as long as it’s not someone who has been actively aggressive towards people who disagree with him,” Hanna told Knight News. “That is the antithesis of diversity. You can talk about diversity of skin color, religion, and sexuality all you want. But diversity of thought is a real thing too, and if you ’re just disregarding people who disagree with you, and you just want them off campus, what’s the point.”
Hanna said he reached out to the university’s Student Body President Nick Larkins to express these concerns, but never received a response.

Any organization or institution that wants to talk to you about "diversity" as a condition of getting involved with it is pure poison. Walk away and never look back.


  1. I hope the conservative students win-out, instead of dropping out, i.e., walking away and never looking back, because what would that solve?

  2. It's too late. Believe me, 99 percent of the cells in my body want to get on board with your position, but the takeover of the American university is complete.

    God in heaven above, the name of this blog, as well as the tagline, only keep getting more relevant. I guess you know about the Clash of the Stupids in Charlottesville today.

    I'm not sure how to fight anymore.

  3. Maybe Murphy's Law is not about an individual but civilization itself?

    UCF is the classic commercially redesigned University offering "a broad" experience of only slightly
    attached significance to business. Clash of the Stupid's carries a wide berth.

    Then I to reach my best level of competency. That's enough to fight for here.

  4. I used to live near UCF and visited often. It is a gorgeous campus. I know the father of a young lady who was majoring in engineering there and she was going somewhere, but I guess it's nowhere. Fight for intellectual freedom and you will every time (if only in the long run).

  5. The Trump voters hate me more than I hate them. Cross one and find out.

  6. Trump has set the general tone for anger and retribution. I think we all here kinda knew all that we have seen and fear that is unseen and yet to come was gonna roll January 20, 2017.

    Michael, do you have a more favorable opinion of UF? It has its own dilemma ahead with a White Supremecist on tap for 9.12.17. College faculty and administration more often than not do fight for academic and intellectual freedom. And these hate groups are pushing beyond the limit.

    “This is the threat we’ve been seeing all along just metastasized into the worst possible situation,” she said Saturday evening. “We’ve seen the alt-right trying to provoke campuses, trying to incite students, trying to corrupt higher education’s ideal of freedom of speech and pushing it to the very edge of the concept,” she said.

    College campuses are obvious targets for such groups because they promote the ideals of universal equality and liberal democracy, Ms. McGuire said. The white supremacists, however, are promoting a “we versus they” ideology, and academe is part of the “they.”

    The silence of college leaders in the face of protests and violent threats only encourages such groups to act, she said.

    “It’s wrong for presidents to be timid," she said. "It betrays the leadership we are called to exert. I think the right-wing element is poking for the soft underbelly of the academy and sees silence as weakness.”

  7. The Peter Principle is more apt here than Murphy's Law I think. We all rise to our level of incompetence. If anything can go wrong it will, always and forever--that's Murphy.

  8. I think it's sort of on topic, but expect a fierce and vocal movement against Trump's wall. It must not go up!