Friday, August 11, 2017

We tried to warn you, but the water-carriers screamed that we were the ones who needed to be warned against

We said, from the moment Squirrel-Hair descended the Trump Tower escalator in July 2015, that this would be a cult of personality and would be badly damaging to conservatism.

We were correct, as David Leach at Red State shows:

In a recent Washington Post survey of over 1000 adults, with an emphasis on 650 voters who were Republican or leaned Republican, 52 percent indicated support for postponing the 2020 election, if Trump declared it, until the imaginary illegal immigration voter problem is fixed. The number increases to 56 percent if both Trump and congressional Republicans call for the postponement.
This survey confirms what I’ve been saying for months: the Republican party is no longer the home of Constitutional conservatives, and the Republican party has morphed into the Trumplican party. Equally frightening is how Republicans have become what they once abhorred. Actions once condemned under Obama are now condoned under Trump.
And this has become a bigger problem with so-called Christian evangelicals who have compromised the gospel of Jesus Christ to condone Donald Trump. Choosing to do what’s right in their own eyes, these so-called Christians scarf down the crumbs falling on the floor from Trump’s table under the delusion that doing so means they have a seat in his dining hall.
The progressive assault on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has been going on for the past one hundred years, but we may be reaching the breaking point. At least, that would seem to be the case when you consider the results of this latest poll.
Originally posted at The Strident Conservative.

Then there is the way S-H seems to be going out of his way to burn bridges with Mitch McConnell and Republicans in Congress generally. Not that I consider McConnell the embodiment of energetic leadership, but S-H might want to consider that there isn't a multiplicity of parties in the legislature.

The whole world seems to be this bull's china shop.



  1. You tried to warn a Confederacy of dunces, which is what the Republican party had become while you weren't looking. Sane people, many of them Democrats, had no problem recognizing what we were gonna have. It's your peeps that done us wrong. Lots of fundies within it too. You gonna leave Christianity too now like you did the Grand Senile Old Party?

  2. Breaking Fri nite that Trump is not ruling out military action in Venezuela but you probably like that too. Some of your former shock jock heroes are perpetuating the meme that the diplomats were wrong so maybe the generals are right. Exactly what those career diplomats were saying was gonna happen in their much publicized letter to the nation before the election. Onward Chriistian Republican hawks!

  3. The Progessives assault on life liberty and happiness of whom? Those who assaulted the aboriginals, the negroes, the women, the poor, even the children. Assault on whom?

  4. Progressive assault on: university students and faculty who dare to challenge hate-speech codes and diversity training, Christian bakers, florists and photographers, fetal Americans, property owners who have to comply with EPA "wetlands" regulations, car companies that have to add expense to their products by complying with CAFE standards, opinion writers who point out the progressive assault. There's a starter list.


    U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, issued the following statement regarding the President’s comments on a “possible military option” in Venezuela.

    “No. Congress obviously isn’t authorizing war in Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro is a horrible human being, but Congress doesn’t vote to spill Nebraskans’ blood based on who the Executive lashes out at today.”

  6. So it's OK to commit genocide, enslave a race, deny women the vote, and exploit poor people (labor)? Without the progressives, everything would be AOK for the status quo.