Saturday, February 25, 2017

The relentless goose-step of the faith-hating jackboots - today's edition

Behold the other side in the war for America's soul:

Liberal protesters became enraged when a Louisiana town hall with Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy opened with a prayer earlier this week, screaming at the chaplain as he tried to lead the crowd in prayer.
The protesters, who were there with a local chapter of anti-Trump group Indivisible, can be heard groaning and shouting as the chaplain says, “In God we trust.” One man can be heard saying, “Pray on your own time!” Others shouted incredulously, “Prayer? Prayer?”
Video of the event, first reported by The Washington Free Beacon, reveals one woman shouting the name “Lucifer” while the chaplain invokes God’s name. Other, non-protesting attendees can be heard trying to shush the protesters.
Protesters can be heard shouting about “separation of church and state” throughout the prayer. They became especially furious when the chaplain closed the prayer “in Jesus’s name.”

Let's pray real hard for them. I can't think of anyone who needs it more.

And this just in from Ohio:

An LGBT organization in Ohio has announced plans to target churches if they refuse to offer their property to be used in a homosexual wedding. In opposing the Ohio Pastors Protection Act (HB-36), the group Equality Ohio announced that they would target churches, forcing them to rent church facilities to groups which oppose that church's beliefs. This despite the fact that all the Roman Catholic bishops in Ohio support the bill, and Catholics make up approximately 20 percent of the state's population.
When asked "if a church community has a church hall that they rent to couples who want to have that wedding reception in that hall ... should that church hall and church community be forced to rent that to someone who wants to use that building for something that's against that church community's belief system," an Equality Ohio spokeswoman said, "Sure, I would say that if that space is open and generally available to the public for a fee, yes that should be available to everyone."
This statement may seem innocent enough, but to Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana), the author of HB-36, it is a declaration of war. "If you have property rights and religious freedom, shouldn't you have religious freedom, at least on your own property?" Vitale asked in an interview with PJ Media.
Specifically, Vitale suggested that the ACLU of Ohio, which he described as "a large cash cow organization that exists to sue people," and which opposed the Ohio Pastors Protection Act last year, would target churches if HB-36 does not pass. "That's what they aim to do," he explained.
It is that late in the day.


  1. I think Jesus even said to pray in private. What do you think would have happened if Senator Kennedy opened with a prayer back in the day?

  2. I don't know, but I'm not interested in idle speculation. I do know FDR led the nation in prayer on nationwide radio as D-Day was launched. The two situations cited above are examples of evil.

  3. FDR was as frightened and weighted as the boys on those landing craft, puking and shaking as shown in Spielberg's SPR, as was the entire nation united I'm the fight against those armed and ready to defeat and subjugate us. There is absolutely no comparison with the current democratic protests and free and legal protests over what one side sees as an evil to be defeated from within. Do you for one second think there are not a preponderance of Christians on the left too in this free land? Get your religion out of politics but pray (and shake if you will) in private for the Father's will to be done. I don't think He's interested in an American human's strategy.

  4. I'll answer my own question about Senator John F. Kennedy. He would never have gotten elected President if he led his constituents in prayer.

  5. Christians on the left are horribly mistaken.

  6. Yep, that's your read. Write a book.

  7. And pray it from the rooftops. And you'd be wrong, but I would never throw the book at you, the book might get thrown in secret though.