Friday, February 3, 2017

This one is definitely for the bad-move side of the ledger

That Squirrel-Hair. Just about the time you start getting encouraged by moves like moving forward with the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, the nomination of Gorsuch to the SCOTUS and cutting funding to sanctuary cities, he goes to his first National Prayer Breakfast and makes a complete ass of himself.

I really have nothing to add to what Susan Wright at RedState has to say about it:

he made it (of course) all about him.
He wanted to brag about how successful the ratings on “The Apprentice” were when he was the host and how lousy Arnold Schwarzenegger was.
It was a raging show of foul, egotistical idiocy. It was out of place, and just another bit of evidence to show the man is completely out of his element when he tries to fake the “Christian thing.”
Yeah, the casual cussing, while referring to the Senate chaplain hosting the event was pretty rad, too.
Schwarzenegger replied to Trump’s unprovoked attack by tweeting a video suggesting that they trade jobs – Trump back to TV and Schwarzenegger to the White House, so that everyone could sleep well at night again.
And, of course, Squirrel-Hair took the bait and kept the Twitter snit going.

Glad I don't have to own any of his embarrassing and inconsistent moves.

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