Friday, February 17, 2017

Yesterday's wild presser

It was vintage Squirrel-Hair.

The indignation expressed via Twitter by the likes of Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd are going to deepen the sense among most people that journalism in post-America is consumed by a bubble mentality. Their attempt to maintain that their profession is still characterized by objectivity rings pretty damn hollow.

That said, the way S-H ripped into the "news" community was unprecedented. And intense. And it went on and on.

And speaking of things ringing hollow, his depiction of his administration at this point as a "fine-tuned machine" was clearly a case of laying it on a bit thick.

S-H's remarks on various aspects of the relationship with Russia were, shall we say, a whole new way for presidents to articulate things. Speculating on the possible appropriateness of blowing the spy ship out of the water? Or this?

Most of the press conference consisted of Trump shooting from the hip and randomly delving into topics like nuclear holocaust.
Yes, nuclear holocaust. The President told reporters that “Nuclear holocaust would be like no other.”
No other what? No other form of holocaust, I suppose.I can tell you, it would be a tremendous holocaust. Believe me. 
Trump taking the current controversies involving Russia straight to global nuclear holocaust isn’t something that should surprise anyone at this point.
There was of course more bragging about winning the election.

There was an ample portion of his signature incoherence.

And, of course, certain kinds of folks just found the whole thing marvelous.


  1. I listened to the last 10 minutes. Loved what he said about the Russian spy ship and totally got his seque into the nuke discussion. We might be on the same meds or sumthin'

  2. Rush loved it. But I cannot afford his "doctor's" prescriptions, er, what was known about them.

  3. Something about this whole Squirrel-Hair phenomenon, going back to the pageantry of his descent on the escalator in July 2015, has done something very strange to Mr. Limbaugh.

  4. No, he was like that all the time. Bombastic, braggadocial, insulting and impulsive. It's the drugs man, the natural drugs in his demonic brain.