Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Flynn had to go for telling Pence a falsehood, but the insidious media - intelligence community axis is a danger to the country

Erick Erickson has a solid track record as a vehement anti-Trump pundit. That's another way of saying he's a solid conservative, and an essential aspect of being a conservative is upholding principles whether it's comfortable to do so or not.

So he is on solid ground when he excoriates the New York Times for using baseless innuendo to try to chip away at the current president's legitimacy:

There is no evidence that Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian intelligence cooperated to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. But the New York Times waits for the third paragraph of this sensational story to tell you. First, they want you to know intelligence sources say Trump campaign staffers had multiple, repeated contacts with the Russians.
What we are seeing is an intelligence community trying to sabotage the President of the United States. We should all be concerned even if we have our own concerns about the President and Russia.
It is more and more apparent that, while Mike Flynn misled Vice President Pence and should have been fired, we only know this because members of the intelligence community engaged in an opposition research dump on Flynn with the media. They engaged as a separate and distinct branch of government, and that is a dangerous situation.
The left is cheering on the outcomes, as are some on the right, but they are all ignoring the process. When the intelligence community ceases to serve the Commander-in-Chief and instead tries to sabotage him because they do not like the direction he is taking the country, they are putting their interests ahead of the voters and the electoral process.

And the blood-in-the-water effect is spreading. One hears media rumblings of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor comparisons, and calls from Congressional Dems for a special committee - with proceedings open to the public! Is not enough classified information floating around already?

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