Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well, now . . .

It's President t Squirrel-Hair.

So many cracks in the earth spreading outward fro the center of the cataclysm: plunging global markets, Hollywood and Silicon Valley freaking out, the French ambassador to post-America saying that it constitutes a global catastrophe.

I think we can safely say the Clinton dynasty is a closed chapter.

Bottom line for LITD: It changes nothing about this blog's position. LITD finds him as unfit and lacking in character as it did in the summer of 2015. The best hope is that he surrounds himself with grown-ups and heeds what they tell him.

The beautiful development is a Pub House and Senate.  My somewhat educated guess is that the first order of business is an economic focus. Tax rates, regulation, the "A"CA. Get the economy moving again, and then address other areas. Of course, external events could well necessitate a foreign-policy focus.

S-H's relations with Congress will tell us much about the direction and character of the GOP going forward.

And states are in good shape.

The biggest picture lesson for all of us is that something very big - for want of a better way to put it, and I'm aware it's inadequate, a populist groundswell - is sweeping the West. There's even a lesson for those of us who remained firm in pointing out S-H's manifest and myriad flaws to the very end. Huge numbers of people perceive that an elite stratum of society has garnered all manner of power for itself and have done nothing with it but enable themselves to live in a self-congratulatory bubble, and that this elite was completely out of touch with how most people live.

It's here. Hell, yes, I wish the headline this morning was president-elect Cruz or Fiorina or Walker or Jindal. But conservatism is all about living in Realville. Historic moments like this must be mined for their lessons. Whatever the sum total of those lessons turns out to be, the wise will heed them.

Now, Congress, get to work on the Herculean task of restoring this nation to its previous incarnation as the United States of America.

And, Squirrel-Hair, sign what they send you.


  1. Well well well, we got what you deserved. Let's get cracking cognoscenti, starting with jailing Hillie and putting up that fucking wall that some day some president somewhere is going to run on tearing down. Make post-America great again, my ass, we're entering a Neo-McCarthy era. But that is not the sort of freedom you defend. Bottoms up, all ye hypocrites and liars! Come after me for smoking a joint in a free state now will ya. At least the vote was much wider in favor than this Law & Order crook. Your fearful leader has arrived and to him I give a middle finger from my smallish hands!

  2. Never felt that bad. Go gettum you Law & Order types.