Monday, November 7, 2016

Chuck Schumer's terrifying intentions

If the Freedom-Haters take back the Senate, he becomes majority leader.

Here's what he's telling "thought" leaders on the Left to whet their appetites:

The Washington Post is reporting that Schumer is hinting at a Democratic Senate agenda in a last minute fundraising email targeted at influential progressives.
Schumer will make the appeal as part of a Progressive Change Campaign Committee fundraising email and the last-minute fundraising pitch is the latest sign the Sanders coalition succeeded in shifting the Democratic Party further to the left during the 2016 campaign.
The message makes promises of what “will be possible with a Democratic Majority.”
“Major investment in jobs, debt-free college, immigration reform, criminal justice reform, closing corporate tax loopholes, a public option, paid family leave, raising the minimum wage, expanding Social Security, and confirming Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Citizens United will all be possible with a Democratic Majority”

Whatever you do in that voting booth regarding the grim presidential options, protect the down-ballot.


  1. I did not buy Bayh one bit. As for Trump, never. Tell me why so many people seem to get so fired up about this authoritarian charlatan? Maybe they think they are exempt from getting pushed around. I truly believe that a vote for Trump is a vote for evil, even unawares.

    "Call them what you will—populist authoritarianism or extreme-right-wing ethno-nationalism—the active agents within a Trump speech and energizing a Trump rally are always the same: the worship of power in its most brutal and authoritarian forms (thus his admiration for Vladimir Putin and for the Chinese Communists who assaulted the protesters at Tiananmen Square); the reduction of all relations to dominance contests; the contempt for rational argument; the perpetual unashamed storm of lies; the appeal to hysterically exaggerated fears of outsiders; and, above all, the relentless sense of ethnic grievance that can be remedied only by acts of annihilating revenge. His is the ideology not of democratic patriotism but of a narrow nationalism alone—the glorification of the nation, and the exaggeration of its humiliations, with violence promised to its enemies, at home and abroad; and a promise of vengeance for those who feel themselves disempowered by history. He will “level the playing field” with the terrorist spectre of ISIS by forcing soldiers to commit war crimes; he will not merely kill our enemies but annihilate their families. His platform is resentment and his program is revenge, and that is an ideology with many faces and one name. This is fascism with an American face."

  2. Believe me, I have pondered it every which way for sixteen months, and it still baffles the shit out of me. I sometimes wonder if some evil entity didn't take over Laura Ingraham's brain and body, like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    That said, this post is about Schumer's agenda, and it ought to chill the spine of anyone who loves freedom.

  3. Nothing at all new in the Demo Dreams. I'm for some/against some. To Trump and any politician who supports his presidency I say I give no support. None!