Sunday, January 20, 2013

On inauguration eve, he has no reason to give a flying diddly about America

It's becoming clear to an increasing number of folks - mostly those who are disturbed by it, but some who think it's great as well - that the Most Equal Comrade is emboldened in the extreme now.  The cockiness and vulgarity of his executive-order-on-guns announcement was a major confirmation of this, but other signs abound.

One is the tone of his remarks about Benjamin Netanyahu in the Jeffrey Goldberg interview in The Atlantic.   There are two great columns about that - one by Mona Charen at NRO and one by Nile Gardner at the UK Telegraph.  

What a dangerous combination: supreme arrogance and the lack of a moral compass.  That he would be willing to call the last principled leader in the Western world a coward ells us everything about the degree to which he has jettisoned any last molecule of regard for those who cherish freedom.  He says Netanyahu is cowardly because of his unwillingness to "compromise."  Two things about that:  Bibi has already compromised more than is really advisable, employing rhetoric that anticipates a two-state solution.  And, more centrally, what kind of compromise would satisfy the dictator of post-America?  Is  Israel supposed to come to some kind of an accord with the likes of Mahmoud Abbas?  Or perhaps Hamas, wtih which Israel just engaged in a fierce battle caused by Hamas rockets raining into Israel by the scores per day?

Then there's the brazen push for yet a higher level of taxation, coupled with a refusal to look at what has our country owing $16-plus trillion dollars, and running annual trillion-plus operating shortfalls.  I'd wager that we're not even going to hear the term "balanced approach" so much from now on.  The MEC has no interest in addressing the nation's debt / deficit crisis.

And the son of a bitch has the wind at his back.  Acceptance of "political realities" is so entrenched that no one in the entire legislative branch of the federal government is willing to even plainly address that which is our actual problem.  Even the pro-freedom-and-pro-American-greatness forces - call them "Tea Party conservatives" for shorthand, if you'd like - seem resigned to a glacially incremental, shamefully timid mode of officeholding.

This entire juncture is a real spiritual test for those of us who would like to see the United States of America restored, to see it replace this monstrosity that the Freedom-Haters are imposing.  Despair seems like such a natural response to where the country is.  Most of us are mere microinches away from it.  For me, anyway, it takes sitting calmly, meditatively, one more minute each time despair breathes down my neck, until the thunderous "No!" has sufficiently welled up from the core of my being.

The cradle-to-grave nanny state is not a permanent fixture.

Radical Islam and totalitarian socialism will not achieve final victory over Western civilization.

A person's money and property are truly his or hers.

Men and women are fundamentally different and designed by God to unite in marriage and form families.

The global climate is not in any trouble.

The Departments of Education, Energy, Labor, Commerce, Health and Human Services, and Housing and Urban Development should be immediately dismantled.

American culture can once again be characterized by aesthetic richness, nobility, decency and wisdom.

You can't even put a list of truths like this up at Facebook.  Seventy-five percent of your "friends" would think you'd gone nutty.  Especially if you called them truths rather that just your own opinions.

I don't know that the Republican party is up to the task of defeating this enemy.  It may require some as yet unforeseen form.  Maybe not.  I do know that the task begins on the individual level.

Permit yourself to experience the cleansing, renewing power of reclaiming your resolve.

Since anyone resolved to strive for a cultural atmosphere in which most Americans understand that the above assertions are true has, by definition, truth on his or her side, it ultimately trumps the hollow resolve of a MEC, no matter how invincible he looks today.

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