Thursday, September 7, 2017

Like never before, it comes down to this Congress

The day after last November's election, I wrote this:

The beautiful development is a Pub House and Senate.  My somewhat educated guess is that the first order of business is an economic focus. Tax rates, regulation, the "A"CA. Get the economy moving again, and then address other areas. Of course, external events could well necessitate a foreign-policy focus.

S-H's relations with Congress will tell us much about the direction and character of the GOP going forward.

Now, Congress, get to work on the Herculean task of restoring this nation to its previous incarnation as the United States of America.

And, Squirrel-Hair, sign what they send you. 
And in social-media posts and exchanges that day, my main theme was the need for a proactive Congress, one that fully understood the possibilities inherent in the moment, one for which it was visceral, a Congress that would crackle with the lightning of thrilled freedom-lovers.

Now that Squirrel-Hair's betrayal of the GOP majority in the legislative branch is a done deal, can we please see a realization that this is indeed the last stop on the railroad to oblivion?

Ben Shapiro, in this morning's Daily Wire piece on what happened yesterday (worth your read; it's entitled "Wednesday Was Trump's First Day as a Democratic President. Here Are 7 Things You Need To Know") puts it well:

All of which means that Ryan and McConnell are now on the hook: they’d better start passing conservative legislation themselves. They can’t rely on Trump for leadership or support. But if they don’t begin putting conservative legislation on his desk to sign, he’ll continue to hobnob with Schumer and Pelosi.
I do have some faith that Ryan can see this moment for what it is; McConnell, not so much. But I'll start with prayer that he has an upside-the-head moment, and fast.


  1. What if we don't want conservative legislation?

  2. Do you really think praying for the political outcome u want in a particular country is the way to go? Do u trust God will catch u if you fall? I know He is omnipotent and omniscient and all, so why would He need you to plot strategy for His plan?

  3. You pray and then find out what God's will is

  4. And we want conservative legislation. Those who don't must either be convinced or defeated

  5. Amazing how Freedom lovers can build these things.

    SpaceX launches mysterious Air Force space plane ahead of Irma's arrival
    by Chris Isidore and Jackie Wattles   @CNNTech

  6. The 37B

    This news release would not be being released without a degree of Defensive Department approval. For some time the multitude of satellite signatures have been recorded. Rapid Response now allows the elimination of satellite aggression. With the advent of the 37B and reusable rocketry things have changed.

  7. So you're saying SpaceX is freedom loving while NASA was not? I'd guess a lot of the SpaceX techs got their training from NASA