Friday, September 8, 2017

It's come to this

This government official was in her capacity as such when she shot off this projectile of faith-hatred:

Jack Phillips’ case is going to the Supreme Court. He has been targeted by gay rights activists because he has gay customers but he declined to provide a custom made cake for a same-sex wedding. Phillips was willing to provide a cake. He has some pre-designed wedding cakes that are available to anyone. He just declined to make a custom cake.
As a result, Dianne Rice of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission attacked him as a Nazi.
What makes this even more offensive is that Phillips’ father fought the Nazis and Rice and others have continued to ignore the specific facts and the fact that Phillips has regularly sold cakes to gay couples. Again, he just wasn’t going to make a custom cake because of his religious beliefs. He tried to reasonably accommodate the couple and is being ruined instead.
It is so very late in the day.

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